Don’t Starve Together : How to beat Mobs II

Hello starving people. Quick note : If you follow us you not Don’t Starve but you learn how to beat mobs in Don’t Starve Together.  After a succesful first article on how to beat mobs in Don’t Starve together, we continue to provide you with a second guide on how to beat Don’t Starve Together Mobs. See  All Don’t Starve together Articles

  1.   Tentacle :

In order to defeat a tentacle, players need to develop the hit and run tactic. Attack the tentacle after you notice its second whip. You should notice when the tentacle shivers in a straight form that’s when you should go for the strike. It will take you about 10x hits to slice it. Take your time and know exactly when to attack.

  1.   Beefalo :

Rely on tempting the beefalo by feeding it grass or twigs so it can follow your pace. Keep in mind to fight it one by one and make sure it is far away from its counterparts. Choose the right moment and strike it once, this will make the beefalo rise to the bait. Now it’s time to move back and forth to dodge its potential attacks. Use this to your advantage and hit it 5-6 times.


  1.   Tallbird :

Unlike the above mentioned, these guys are faster in their attacks. This pesky big-eyed bird has a dangerous strike with its sharp beak trying to pierce your skin. Try the usual hit and run tactic ; go for 2 hits before they retaliate. If you want to go the extra mile and try your luck with 3 hits with zero latency, go for it but it is risky.

 tall bird don't starve together mob

  1.   Packs of Frogs:

Although not that intimidating when you think of frogs, things might get heated up especially if they attack in mobs. However, you can easily strike before they hit you and move diagonally since frogs have a narrow collision detection. When fighting large groups of frogs, try to sync their attacks and calculate a better tactic to strike and defeat them all at once.


  1. Hound Packs :

Just like frogs, hounds attack in mobs, which can get pretty frustrating to defeat all of them. That’s why it is good to think of an alternative way ; igniting a torch and striking the hounds with it to decrease their number and reduce your probability of dying very soon. You can also try to escape from them to avoid potential damage and fire any hound with an opening.

 hound pack dont starve together

  1. Multiple Batilisk :

A quick swing with the speaker and two strikes will finish this one. Although they come attacking in mobs, it is pretty easy to defeat them with the hit and run and rinse and repeat technique. It shouldn’t be much of a problem.


  1.   Beehives and Mosquitos :

Bees aren’t that dangerous but their attacks with the bottom of their tail stings painfully so be careful when they strike you with their sharp pointer. They usually attack in mobs, but sometimes one or two steps forward to attack first. That’s why dodging and hit and run are your ultimate go to tactics for this fight. If you notice only one bee you can hit it and it will be stunned and cannot retaliate. However, if there is a large group you might want to be extra cautious as they can inflict a lot of damage to you. Mosquitos are fought the same way too. They have low vitality with a  very low damage as well. You are completely safe with these species, no armor required.

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