Don’t starve together : Best mods for beginners

If you are a beginner player in Don’t Starve Together or you discovered the game for the first time in 2021, This guide of Don’t starve Together: Best Mods is for you. In fact, Don’t starve together has survived thanks to its fertile mods-creation. Thus, in order to improve your Don’t starve experience , you surely want to consider our suggested best Don’t Starve Together mods list

Here is our Don’t Starve Together best mods list :

1-) Geometric Placement mod

The most popular Don’t Starve Together mod. Besides, it is the one of the fundamental mods. In fact, this Don’t Starve Together mod is amazing as it allows you design everything with grid.

If this mod is selected, you can alter many settings with the “Configure” button. Moreover, it allows to place chests a little bit closer together, like you can with the Architectural or Assisted Geometry mods.

We recommend you to try this mod. It is the best for beginners. Follow this link to have a more detailed idea on this mod.

Geometric Placement

2-) Combined Status mod

This Don’t Starve Together mod is really practical. It helps you to understand the setting of the game. You have accessibility to view days until winter, temperature, days until full moon etc.

One of the best Don’t Starve Together mods as it reinforces the HUD to reveal player’s stats and further details on the world such as temperature, season, and moon phase.

It doesn’t matter the server you are running and regardless the server has mod or not, you will see change only if you enable the Combined Status mod.

3-) Minimap HUD mod

Another significant helpful Don’t Starve Together mod. In fact, it permits players to find their paths without opening the map over and over. You will see yourself at the centre of the Minimap.  which you can zoom in and zoom out.

The Minimap in this Don’t Starve Together  mod has many features. For instance, it can be collapsed by hiding it and clicking on “Close Minimap” button. Furthermore, it can be panned by clicking and dragging. Last not the least both the Zoom Levels of the Minimap as well as the map screen are saved, and they are not interlinked.

Not possible to change the shape of minimap. But be careful ! This mod can if you use it zoomed out too much.

However, this mod has two drawbacks : The first is this mod can cause some fps drops if you over-zoom out. The second thing is you cannot change the shape of Minimap.

minimap hud

4-) Show Me (Origin) mod

all Don’t Starve Together mods are in one rank and this mod is on the other level. It offers you the opportunity to display every item in one time : Food Health Attack and unknown interface mods; unlike the other mods present these items in a separate way. In other part, this unique Don’t Starve Together mod is compatible with Combined Status whose settings will affect temperature units. Besides, Finder mod is included.


5-) Global Positions mod

The main aim of this mod is that it shows you other players on the map and reveals their identities and who they are. For, instance, if other players are far away, it shows their indicators. You can also hide map share to make map table more useful.
Global Postions

That’s all for our article today We recommend you to try at least one of these mods. Feel Free also to comment us your favourite mod.

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