Don’t Starve Together : Your First Steps

This step-by-step guide will walk you through your first year, preparing you for the upcoming adventures, and guaranteeing your prolonged endurance. We will provide you with the basics and helpful instructions to get you going. In other ords, this guide will be your tutor in your Don’t Starve Together first steps. In other part this is the link which directs you to SEE ALL Don’t Starve Together Articles.

Before you begin your new world:

It is important to mention that in order to survive forever, you need to fail a lot. Although it may get frustrating in the beginning, this guide will cast away all the peeving barriers and overall facilitate the journey for you. Even though this guide is meant for solos, this doesn’t prevent you from playing with multiple people.

*Things to keep in mind in Don’t Starve Together : 

There are few things you need and must learn before you even start the game :

  1. How to effectively use a Crockpot
  2. How to farm*
  3. How to fight shadow monsters*
  4. Bunny mechanics and seasonal boss mechanics
  5. World setting and how they impact your gameplay
  6. Basic character and mechanical knowledge

We recommend you play with the following game settings : Resource variety set to classic , Caves enabled, Wildfire off (intended for beginners)


  • Your First Autumn:

    As a first playthrough mission, get yourself a minimum set of 4 gears so you can have a smooth autumn. It wouldn’t hurt if you find more though.

Before you reach day 5, you need to set up your base. Make sure it is as near to a wormhole as possible ; try to put your hot and cold bonfires on either side of the wormhole. Generally, these wormholes are incredibly useful ; you can construct a hound area on the other side and each time you get swarmed by enemies, you can jump over. One of the best Wormholes you can get are the ones that are present in your frequently visited regions. However, they are far away, for example the Antlion desert or the Mooncaller area .

Furthermore, you need to have a cave entrance that is roughly between 5 to 10 seconds away from your base entrance. Word of caution, never ever build your base near graves, ponds, walrus, camps, or beefalos.

Don't Starve Together Steps

  • Food Resources : Attainable food resources are the following:

Drying and Hunting : Crockpot food contain meatballs and meaty stew, best suits wolfgang and wigfrid.

Farming, Beekeeping, and Casual hunting : Spider nests and hound strike – Best suits wormwood.

Hunting + Beekeeping – Honey represents one of the best foods in the whole game.

Try to make food the least of your problems and rather focus intensively on improving your resources of food and edibles, automate them as much as possible .

Consider hunting Koalefants religiously after day 15 and ensure you have enough koalefant trucks for each player and silk in order to create a vest with them.

  • During Day 12 – 18:  you’ll need to fetch a fundamental asset; travel to the caves and destroy 5 bunny hutches so you can build 2 cave entrances near your base. Never enter the caves from the cave entrance next to your base. Bunnymen will remain in their houses during daytime in the cave. Once you start hammering their houses they’ll immediately strike. A smart tactic would be to tank them and try to kill each one by one. Bunnymen will turn black and drop beard hair instead of bunny puffs so don’t get that fool you. You can also collect carrots that spawn near their cribs.

It is true that this article deal with your Don’t Starve Together first steps, but we will upload daily tips and tricks for you to stay alive forever.  If you have any other inquiries, please do not hesitate to message us, or leave a comment and we will do our best to fulfill that.
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