Don’t Starve together: How to Obtain Giant Potato Crops

This article will help you to obtain Don’t Starve together’s Giant Potatos.

Things to Keep in Mind

The goal of this guide is to show you how to farm giant potato crops that were introduced to the Reap What You Saw Update.

This guide may not cover all the new updates. It merely provides you with instructions and advice on farming since the debut release of the Reap What You Sow.

We fully understand that this particular part of the game can be frustrating. Therefore, we have made this guide, so you can win time and focus on more important stuff.

Part I : the Building and Item:

For this purpose, in order to assure the perfect handling of this job, you will need the following items :

  • Water can plus a water source (Pond)
  • A hoe: you will need this to dig holes to sow plants
  • Garden Rigamajig ; this generates sod as a requisite  for farming
  • 4/2 Toma Root Seeds ; the amount will vary depending on how many plots you want to do .
  • +12 Potato seeds ; again, this will depends on how many you plan to do
  • 1 composting Bin ; note that it is required to have a lot of machine compost as well.
  • 12 Manure / guano ; depends on whether you plan to do this on various plots
  • A bird inside a birdcage so you can acquire the seeds
  • 1 shovel and assorted ice boxes to reserve all the edibles and seeds

Part II : Setting up your farm to obtain Giant potatos

Begin by building a garden turf using a Garden Rigamajig. Then, take your shovel and take out all the Garden Detritus. Next, you want to manage a minimum of 4 Manure / Guano with 4 compost per plot. The following step revolves around plantation; dig as many holes as possible using your hoe. After you finish, don’t forget to water all the plots to their needed water level.

Part III : Caring for your plant babies

This part is very important, and you should never skip. You need to start by planting a minimum of 2 tomato plants in the center of each farm plot. Now, ar

ound the tomato plants, proceed by planting as many potato seeds as you can. When you finish, have a conversation with your plants ; you will also need to do this regularly on a daily basis until harvest period comes. Most importantly, always make sure your babies are fully fertilized and watered. It will be a hectic process so you must have at least a wide-ranging amount of compost, manure, and guano.

Part IV : Stocks

If you followed this guide correctly and all the steps have been respected as structured, you’ll find yourself with several giant potato crops. One final step includes : use a hammer to harvest the crops.

Don't Starve Together's giant Potatos

What you would like to do with the potatoes is up to you, get creative and enjoy your gameplay.

In conclusion, if you found this guide on Don’t Starve together’s Giant Potatos Crops.  helpful, please don’t hesitate and give us a good rating, it will help tremendously. Indeed, If we missed anything, you could let us know down in the comment section and we’ll appreciate it a lot. See you in other Don’t Starve Together guides.

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