Don’t Starve together Ultimate Guide

Winter Has Come:

Welcome to Winter, now you have a bunny protected entrance that will provide you with limitless monster resources (meat). Not only that, but you will never be attacked by hounds if you are close to your base of course. But now let dive deeper in Don’t Starve together Ultimate Guide

To unlock this feature, all you need to do is enter then exit the cave. Now,  hounds will no longer be chase you . However, you may still heat their howling when they come. ALL Don’t Starve Together Articles. .


Still on Don’t Starve together Ultimate Guide. When you hear the word winter, you automatically think how to survive the harsh cold atmosphere and you will keep yourself warm. In that case, by now you should have already forged a puffy vest. Begin by Making a thermal stone, and since you have the vest, use these two. Simply because that is all that you need to do. When you acquire the Tam o O’ Shanter, then winter will no longer be a problem. After that, use wooden armor.

As soon as Winter comes, go find Walrus and kill him. But, for that you need the Walking Cane and the tam O’ Shanter.

Prepare yourself for your first boss fight, Deerclops. To beat this one, you will need the following:

  1.     Collect enough healing potions because you need never even drop to survive as well as 3 to 4 wooden armors or 1 marble suit. If you belong to the wolfgang or Wigfrid, then you better set yourself. Got it?

  1.     Equip either a ham bat or Tentacle spike, even better, a dark sword is always much preferred.
  2.     4 wood + 6 grasses are required for 2 fires.
  3.     If he appears when you are away from your base, memorize his last location, travel to your base. Then, get your stuff ready and strike him. Don’t forget the eye; it is very crucial.
  4.     If he becomes aggravating and getting onto your nerves, ignite a fire, hug it, and then tank it. If your health points start to dwindle down fast, escape, heal then set up another fire.


After defeating Deerclops, create the Eyebrella and then you’ll have Spring and Summer utterly tackled with.


Prepare for Summer:

Summertime can get heated up pretty quick, that’s why as much ice as possible (about 2 flingomatics at least) to be able to protect your base and your cave entrance from burning down.

To get feathers, kill moose/goose, or get yourself a fan for the summer. This will cool you down 50degrees.

You can either rely on your basic knowledge to figure out how to defeat it if you’re in for a challenge and for the win. Meanwhile, you’ll need plenty of powerful armor and a lot of dodging to do. If her children raid around you and start attacking, always equip an Eyebrella on your head, dodge them. Once, they’re stunned chase them. Moreover, Please follow these steps:

  • Keep at least Nitre, Grass, and roughly 3 fishing rods always ready to go.
  • Set aside about 2 pig skins and 1 gold per person as well as one extra thermal stone.
  • Spring is known for its perfect timing to mass produce seeds, so keep that in mind during the winter it will consistently rain, and you can make a considerable number of crops.
  • Finally, stay away from beefalos.
    We hope you enjoyed our Don’t Starve together Ultimate Guide and were helpful to use in your personal play through. We will come back with more tips. So stay tuned!

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