Explosive jumping in Scrap Mechanic “Simple guide”

A simple guide to explosive jumping in scrap mechanic!

The explosive jumping is a way to travel around and impress your friends at the same time 🙂

Explosive Jumping in Scrap Mechanic Step by step

Step 1:
Grab a large explosive canister.
Scrap Mechanic Explosive Jumping 1

Step 2:

Jump while on top of the explosive (causing it to explode).

 Explosive Jumping 2

Step 3:

Get launched up into the air.

Explosive Jumping 3

Step 4:

Place an explosive right underneath you just before landing.

Srcap Mechanic Explosive Jumping 4

Step 5:

Land on top of the explosive you just placed, it should instantly explode, launching you again.

Explosive Jumping 5

Explosive Jumping 6


How to control direction:

If you want to go forward, simply place the explosive a bit earlier, then hold W while you are doing the explosive jump.
Turning is easy, just look in the direction you are trying to go as soon as you are in the air then press W.
You need some practice to do this well, after 3 hours full of explosive jumping, I can fly up mountains with explosives.

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