How to change or modify Crafting Recipes – Scrap Mechanic

A simple guide to explain step by step how to change or modify crafting recipes in scrap mechanic make the game fit your needs by adjusting the crafting recipes.

Modify Crafting Recipes

Step 1:

First, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\CraftingRecipes

Modify Crafting Recipes Step 1

Step 2

Step 2:

We need Notepad++ if you don’t have it installed on your pc click here

A. Open item_names.json and craftbot.json
B. In the craftbot.json, you will see the recipes format. You will get a notice that the “itemId” is listed in generated codes. The codes can be decrypted by looking through the item_names.json

Step 3

C. For example. If you look at the two shaded lines, the “itemId” for the code ending in “…3e71” is, in fact, “blk_wood1”. The ingredient list is the code ending in “…3811,” which is, in particular, “blk_scrapwood.”

Step 4

It seems self explanatory but it may just seem that way to me so ask away if you have questions. Be sure to save backups of each file you change.

Extra Tips

If you are playing solo a lot and feel like the waves are too much to handle and you just want a bit more HP.
Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game

Step 5

And open SurvivalPlayer.lua. Here you will see a lot of players’ attributes such as breath, fire damage taken, regen time, etc.

Always make a backup before changing anything.

Scroll down, and you will come across the stats given upon loading your character.

Step 6

Changing it to like, 300 would make you more tanky against several haybots. Updates and bugfixes will likely reset this back to 100. Same with any updates to crafting recipes.

N.B: Backups Backups Backups. Be sure to save Backup files!

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