How to enable Developer Mode In Scrap Mechanic Survival

This post will show you how to enable Developer Mode In Scrap Mechanic Survival, after that you can access the developer world.

Enable developer mode in Scrap Mechanic

This is a step by step guide :

  • Right-click Scrap Mechanic and press Properties > LOCAL FILES > BROWSE LOCAL FILES
  • Navigate to the folder Scrap Mechanic\Survival\Scripts\game
  • Open the file named “SurvivalGame.lua” using Notepad editor.
  • Navigate to line 25 and paste the following on a new line: = true

The code should now look like this:

Scrap Mechanic Developer Mode 3

After saving the file, Developer Mode should be enabled.

How to access the Developer World

Follow the How to enable Developer Mode section first.

Once finished, open Scrap Mechanic and create a new survival world. When it finishes loading, you should be in the developer world.

If you would like to have a creative menu, use the command /unlimited.

N.B :

While in developer mode, do not load any other worlds.
To remove developer mode, right-click Scrap Mechanic in your Steam library, then press

Screenshots of the developer world:

Scrap Mechanic Developer Mode 1

Scrap Mechanic Developer Mode 2

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