How to find and mine Iron in Valheim ?

Getting now into the nitty-gritty, if you wish to venture in Valheim’s wildest and most vicious regions, then you might want to get you some iron to forge stronger weapons and armor.

As opposed to Flint, iron is unrefined and thus needs to be melted then forged into a bar before you start building your pickaxe. After obtaining a good amount of iron stack, merge it with other materials in order to craft some robust armament and weapons, tools and building structures. Nevertheless, you cannot carry this item with you through portals so you might want to take a scenic route in Valheim’s vast meadows.

Valheim iron ore: locations and mining :

A true Viking warrior knows how to swing his axes and make good use of his longswords. But before that he needs to obtain some scrap iron and get his hands on the blacksmith forge, smelt iron ore into ingot, then combine it with other tools. The main material is iron ore; aim for the Muddy Scrap Piles, you will find a lot of it laying. These iron stakes can be mined within the Sunken Crypts of the swamp area. Valheim biomes are hostile so roaming through them won’t be a walk in the park. Keep your eyes sharp for any mobs. Once you get that pile of iron snuggled in your inventory, you are all set to wander the perilous grassland across the Valheim realm.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that Valheim’s world is procedurally generated, that makes areas different for everyone. This makes it difficult for us to point to a specific location. The swamps are an easy go to since they will be marked on your maps once you discover it. The Sunken Crypts are stone built with green torches outdoors. Now to get to the sunken Crypts, you first have to gain the Swamp key. To do so, a boss fight is prerequisite; you have to beat the Elder in order to obtain it. This brute is a tough one so a set of powerful armor, fire arrows, and some health potions will get you ready for the battle. After a weary fight with this tree-like monster as well as the key at your disposal, now is the time to enter the Crypt and search for Muddy scrap piles. Don’t forget to bring your pickaxe with you since you will be using it to mine iron ore from these deposits. And while you are at it, loot the chests found in the Crypt because they usually offer additional materials.

Smelting :

Get a smelter (x20 stones, x5 surtling core); you can begin using coal to smelt iron, silver, copper, and tin. You’ll need at least two units of coal per ingot. One unit of iron ore will craft one iron ingot when smelted.
Use your deposit of iron ingot thoughtfully; rather the forging something immediately, consider how you want to spend the reserve. If you want to fight more bosses, a set of matched iron armor and weapons are your best choice this far. Moreover, improving your base will be worth your while; invest in a stonecutter (x10 wood, x2 iron, and x4 stone). You can build your stone structure near a workbench.
Here are all the items you can craft; Iron atgeir, Iron axe, Iron pickaxe, Battleaxe, Huntsman bow, Ironhead arrow, Iron sword, Iron longsword, Iron helmet, Iron scale mail, Iron greaves, Iron tower shield, Iron nails, Iron mace, Banded shield.

Iron Building recipes :

Stonecutter, Smith’s anvil, Forge tool rack, Wood iron pole, Wood iron beam, Iron gate, Reinforced chest, Personal chest, Standing iron torch.

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