How to get star levels in Clash Royale ?

Ever wondered how to add that extra sparkle to your Clash Royale cards? Star Levels are the answer! They are cool cosmetic upgrades for your maxed-out cards, which unlock once you reach King Level 6. Although they don’t provide any competitive edge, they sure make your cards look fancy. Here’s your guide on how to get Star Levels in Clash Royale.

What are Star Levels ?

There are three Star Levels in Clash Royale, each bringing a unique aesthetic upgrade to your cards. When your card reaches Star Level 1, it gets a deploy effect and a golden banner around it. Star Level 2 introduces some more cosmetic changes, while Star Level 3 completely transforms your card with a shiny new golden look.

How to get Star Points ( more and more )

The journey to glittering cards begins at King Level 6. From this point, you can start collecting Star Points which are essential for upgrading your cards to Star Levels. You can earn Star Points in several ways:

  • By donating or receiving maxed-out cards.
  • Opening chests, which might contain Star Points.
  • Purchasing maxed-level cards from the shop, which will automatically convert into Star Points.

Upagrade to Star Levels

Now that you have amassed some Star Points, it’s time to jazz up your cards. Here’s what you need to unlock each Star Level:

  • Star Level 1: 5,000 Star Points.
  • Star Level 2: 10,000 Star Points.
  • Star Level 3: 20,000 Star Points.

Other Information:

  • Maxed-Out Card Indicator:

    When a card is adorned with a bold gold border, it signifies that the card is maxed out:

    mega knight maxed star levels

  • Upgradable Card Indicator:

    If there’s no gold border and a green button displaying ‘5k’, ’10k’ or ’20k’ is visible, it indicates that the card can be upgraded to the next Star Level:

    canon with no star level

  • Checking Star Points:

    You can view your available Star Points at the top left of your home screen. Simply click on your level to switch the display to gold Star Points. Here’s an example from my account:

    where to see your available star points

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