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Welcome Back to our MUCK articles. Today we talk with MUCk powerups. In fact, Muck Powerups are no different from other games powerups. In a definition, powerups are the stat buffs that players acquire when they utilize items of foods or weapons. In gamesgps, We provided you with a full list of MUCK Powerups. We have organized the powerups by the type of boosts they offer. Let’s GO!

Damage MUCK powerups:

● Orange Juice (White) – Boosts your Attacking speed
● Dumbbeli (White) – Reinforces Base strength

Danis milk (Blue) – Offers you stronger bones and increases Damage

● Horshoe (Blue) – Enhances critical chance

● Bulldozer (Blue) – Gives you the chance to knock enemies back
● Sniper Scope (Yellow) – Gives you a slight chance to afford chunky damage
● Adrenaline (Yellow) – Damages Boost when player health is below 30%
● Knuts Hammer (Yellow) – Makes extra electric damage
● Checkered Shirt (Yellow) – aggravates damage to resources
● Berserk (Yellow)- The lower the health, the more damage player does.

After we provided you with the MUCK powerups which offer you bonuses in attacks, reinforce your critical chances, and enhance your strength. The next list will be on the food items.

Health Powerups:

● Broccoli (White) – enhances Health Regeneration
● Red pill (White) – Increases your hp to the maximum
● Blue Pill (White) – Reinforces shield
● Dracule (Blue)- Permanently increases the Maximum HP on kills.


Movement Powerups

Moreover, it is now the time that you discover the MUCK powerups of movements. In other words, the MUCK power ups which deal with fast speed or increase in jump height etc etc which are

● Sneakers (White) – Boosts Movement speed
● Jetpack (White) – Increases Jump Height

Miscellaneous Powewrups

These powerups don’t really fit in any other category. Thus, we decided to put them in one signle section which are:
● Peanut butter (White) – +Stamina
● Piggybank (Blue) – Advanced and Upgraded loot in chests.

That’s all for the MUCK Powerups. See you in next articles. See All Muck articles.

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