Muck : Fighting Techniques


This guide will serve the purpose of teaching you the various and basic fighting techniques to ward off the mobs. Not only that but we will also  suggest how to fight off certain enemies using specific weaponry.


In the beginning, you will stuck with just a wooden axe, a pickaxe, or a rock for the first night. But you can start by finding better tools or crafting more upgraded gadgets.

  • Axe : low damage, medium cool down
  • Pickaxe: Slightly higher damage but longer cool down
  • Rock: has low damage with a medium cool down.

The axe will boost up your health faster than a pickaxe. This is because the former has a shorter cool down between each swing. Furthermore, if you favor damage over faster cool down, then your best choice would be a pickaxe since it also does critical damage hits on certain mobs.

  • Swords: This weapon is mostly recommended for fighting, unless your pickaxe or axe are crafted with better and more upgraded material. If we’d compare an adamantite pickaxe to a typical steel sword, then our recommendation will be for the pickaxe. A steel sword generally deals less damage than a pickaxe. Conversely, a mithril sword is much better than the steel counterparts. Moreover, an Obamium swords deals less damage than Gronk’s sword, a heavyset hammer, and nightblade.
  • Bows and Arrows: For the archers who prefer to strike from afar, and paralyze their enemies in utter silence, a bow and an arrow is the go-to. You don’t have to waste your resources to keep your health at maximum, hide, seek, and strike. Whether you are using a birch or oak bow, make sure to use the arrows respectively to their appropriate weapon. More powerful bows increase the distance from where the arrows flies; so, you don’t have to get a nearer shot to be able to do more damage. On the other spectrum, the arrow determines the damage.

  • Rare Weapons:

    These are special weapons that can only be crafted using unique materials dropped from bosses or higher-level enemies.

  1. Chunky Hammer : This piece is crafted using a hammer shaft and a chunky ore that is smelted into chunky bars. It deals higher damage than normal weapons and has a slightly longer cool down period than swords.
  2. Gronk’s Sword : This weapon is forged using a blade, a sword hilt, and dark oak wood usually dropped by Gronk. Additionally, you can harvest Dark Oak Wood from Dark Oak Trees. There is a possibility to acquire this weapon from killing a Gronk. It also has higher damage but a little less than Chunky Hammer, but players argue that they are roughly the same in terms of dealing damage. This baby however has a faster cool down.
  3. Night Blade: made of ancient bone, it can shoot 3 arrows all at once and farther than regular bows. By far this is the best bow in the entire game in my opinion
  4. Elemental Arrows : crafted from Dark Oak Wood, Fireballs, Lightningballs, or waterballs. Usually dropped by Daves, Lightning Daves, and Water Daves.
  5. Chef’s spear : Coming soon.

We would like to thank you for reading this brief guide. We will surely provide you with more guides, tips, and tricks in the future. Stay Tuned! Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section.

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