Muck: How to Beat All The Bosses

This is an instructed guide that will walk through the different bosses. We will show you how to beat all bosses in MUCK. But before See all Muck Articles

Boss Spawn Time:

Easy Mode: Every 6th and 12th night and the following night as well.

Normal Mode: Usually bosses will spawn on the 5th and 10th night as well as the following nights

Gamer : On the 3rd night

First MUCK Boss : Gronk

Probably the easiest boss in the game, that is if you know what you are doing. The trick is the following, when he starts to charge his attack, go behind him. He won’t be able to hit you from there especially while doing his ranged strikes. Therefore, dodge, wait for the opportunity and strike since he is quite slow.

Second MUCK Boss : Big chunk

Fairy is an easy one to beat but it will require a few power-ups ; 1 or 2 frogs, jet packs and that will do the job just fine. When you begin the fight get as close to him as possible and start hitting him and dodge his attacks. Be very cautious because as he jumps and lands down, you will take considerable damage. This is where the jetpacks and the frogs come in handy.

When the monkey sees, the monkey starts jumping, starts jumping as well and then strikes at the right time until he can no longer be in danger. In case you don’t have any power up, just keep your distance from him and shoot him in the head with your bow. When he starts jumping, try moving left and right to judge rocks hitting you.

Third MUCK Boss : Guardians

In order to beat this boss, you must acquire the bulldozer power-up. When you knock out the guardian and he becomes paralyzed, you will need a set of 4 bulldozers to pull this off. In case you don’t have enough power ups, then Fortnite your way out of these shambles with walls. To do that, build f=some walls, put them around the Guardian and start hitting his face. If he jumps, distance yourself and avoid stepping on the red circle laying on the ground. Be extremely cautious, once caught by those, you will die. When Guardians start charging, go behind the walls because he will blast.

Final MUCK Boss : Bob

By the time you reach this boss, you should have quite a respectable amount of power up that will get the job done. Power-ups like Dracula and the Crimson dagger will be enough to help you defeat this guy. Always keep in mind that distancing yourself at the right moment and dodging is the ultimate tactic we recommend first and foremost. It will be a key to your immortality. Use the Crimson dagger to stab him repeatedly. If he starts flying, use the bow to attack him, but never touch the red balls of death. There will be red circles denoting his next landing spot. Pay close attention to his moves and predict his attacks then dodge.


This is a brief article to provide you with some tips and tricks to get a  hold of the bosses you’ll be fighting. We hope that you are sure now on how to beat all MUCK bosses. If you need any other tips just let us know in the comment section.

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