MUCK : How to Repair your Boat

In GamesGps, you Live, play and lead. As always, We are here to cover more on  MUCK Game. Today’s in the MUCK Guide, we will show you how to repair your boat in case you weren’t cautious enough to preserve your MUCK boat.

MUCK Boat features :

It is worth noting that the ship respawns by default every time you play MUCK. But this won’t happen if you employ the same seed.

There are two ways to find the boat; both are simple. The first way is to move your ass around the beach looking for the boat. The second method is to go towards green chests and find a Boat Map which will help to find your boat. As far as the map is concerned, you don’t need it to keep it as it will be saved on your screen.

in conclusion, This is how your boat should look like in MUCK.


How to repair your Boat

Generally, on your to-do list, you have 20 things to be fixed (giving that the Engine is considered as one 1). Moreover, the number of holes is random and vague. But, we can consider 5 pieces approximately. In addition, depending on the level of the difficulty set on your MUCK world, the Sail takes more Rope and Fibber. In other words, the harder your MUCK difficulty is, the more the Sail demands.

Here is the list of things to be repaired :

  • 8 Supply Crates (4 outside 4 inside)
  • 5 Holes
  • 2 Ladders (1 on each side)
  • 1 Hut
  • 1 Engine (Has multiple steps)
  • 1 Steering wheel
  • 1 Mast (Also needs the Sail)
  • 1 Staircase

 Furthermore, we provide a list of the needed materials to succeed in fixing your boat. In fact, we indicate where to use these materials the parenthesis.

  • 140 Wood (Crates, Holes, Ladders)
  • 60 Rocks (Crates)
  • 32 Iron Bars (Engine
  • 30 Wheat (Hut Crates)
  • 28 Dark Oak Wood (Mast, Steering wheel)
  • 15 Oak Wood (Hut)
  • 15 Flax Fibber (Sail))
  • 15 Fir Wood (Staircase)
  • 10 Raw Meat (Hut Crates)
  • 11 Rubies (Engine)
  • 9 Gold Bars (Engine)
  • 6 Adamantium Bars (Engine )
  • 6 Rope (Sail)
  • 5 Gems (Engine)
  • 5 Obamium Bars (Engine)

Then, we move to engine Steps:

  •  20 Iron Bars
  • 12 Iron Bars
  •  11 Rubies
  • 9 Gold Bars
  • 6 Adamantium Bars
  • 5 Obamium Bars
  • 5 Gems
  • 1 Ancient Core

How to get Harder Materials: 

-You need to get the Gem Map from the Green Chest on the Ship to reveal the location of the 5 Guardians who have the 5 Gems (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink)

-Use 30 Wheat in a Workbench to create the 6 Rope

-In addtion, you can use 15 Flax in a Fletching Table in order to obtain15 Flax Fibber

-Find Rubies in Caves.

 Last Step:

Once you fix everything. Scream : DEEAL DONE. But before that, you have to direct your player to the Steering Wheel and press E. Therefore, you will earn a significant Achievement which is “Set Sail ”!

That’s all… right? Everything is clear? Thus, Happy to help you. So, what to do now? So,What are you waiting for? BOOKMARK our website and follow our article on MUCK in order to enhance your gaming experience. Moreover, Why not you become the king of MUCK. (Indeed, Thanks to us)


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