New World : Interactive Map

Hello New World Gamers! An interactive map of all Lore, Resources, Enemies, Animals, Motes, Expeditions etc.

New World : Map

Myself and a couple of others have been putting together a New World interactive map for a couple of months now! There are almost 20,000 points marked out – and there are still a ton of things to add!

Here’s the link to the main Aeternum world map: New World Interactive Map

There are also separate maps for each of the expeditions:

We’re mapping out almost everything in the world (including all resources) – it’s not complete yet (because the game is H U G E) – but eventually the plan is that every last mining node & animal spawn will be there!

Some of the stuff on the maps:

  • Spirit Shrines/Outposts/Settlements/Fast Travel Points
  • Collectible Lore Pages
  • Quests/Stories
  • All purchaseable houses (T1 – T4)
  • Loot Chests
  • Enemies (including mob zones, types, bosses, uniques etc.)
  • Elemental Motes
  • Animals
  • Resource Nodes
  • “Free” Resources (such as the honey tables, milkable cows, etc.)
  • Many more….

This whole thing is a huge work-in-progress (including adding more features to try and make using such a large map more convenient).

If there’s anything you think we’re missing – feel free to leave a suggestion on the map (once you’ve signed in you can suggest new markers)

Thanks to TSPOON.

Enjoy !

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