New World : Leveling Guide

Hello New World Gamers! We provide you with this fantastic guide to learn about the Game’s levels and found out what to expect.  The time has come to enhance your gaming experience in new world. Let’s Go!

Starting Out:

When you first start out, you’ll spawn on a beach. What you wanna do is complete all the tutorial quests on the beach and head into your first town. If you’re playing with a friend you might want to go to his town if you’re playing on playing together.

When you get to the town there’s gonna be a few quests. Do those tutorial quests and the game will ask you to choose a faction. Choose whichever one you want. Keep in mind that the faction you choose will affect what companies( clans or guild) you can join. If you’re Covenant you can only join Covenant companies.
By now you should be around level 10.

To level up, you can do town missions or factions quests.
I recommend doing factions quests if you want to be ahead of everyone else because at the start of the game you can only choose 3 town quests. You can go to your faction and take all the quests. Remember to take all the sidequests in the town too. When you’re done with those quests you can kill yourself to fast travel and save time. Keep doing this until your level 20. You have to repeat taking faction quests and town quests. Best to take 3 town quests and 3 faction PvE quests.

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Level 20 to 30 :

f you’ve reached level 20 you can now do corrupted portals.

I recommend getting 3 or more people in your party and then roaming the map clearing out these portals. They will not only give you XP but also good items.
Around level 20 you the main quest will make you go to the Armine excavation which is a dungeon. I recommend not doing that until you reach level 23 or higher because the dungeon quest will be available once you’re level 23 or higher. You also need a key to enter the dungeon. What I recommend is forming a party with people who need to finish the quest and doing the dungeon multiple times because it’s very good XP. Don’t forget to take the quest from the dog outside before you start.

A very good way to get a lot of XP is having a 4 man party and carrying level 20 players in the dungeon. You and your party members will get around 6k Xp every run which takes about 20 minutes. You won’t need to craft keys since the player you’re carrying will use their keys for you. This method can help you level up very very fast and this will also help you get blue rarity gear. However, if you do not want to do the excavation keep doing corrupted portals, faction quests, and town quests until you reach level 30.

New world corruptionbreach

Level 30 to endgame :

By now you have a pretty good idea of how to level up. This is the most grindy part of leveling up. To reach level 60 the fastest, I recommend you first do level 35 corrupted portals until you reach level 35. Then go to a level 40 town. There do town quests and faction quests until you reach level 40. Then you go do level 45 corrupted portals. You get the idea. Keep repeating until you reach the endgame. Good luck and see you in the New World.


Some extra tips

Avoid town quests that include fishing and cooking if you do not have fish or cooking materials because it will take too long to farm all the materials.
Sometimes a town board quest will ask you to kill sheep, bears, or elk(etc…). Only take these quests if the animal is near you. For example, there is a lot of elk in Brightwood but no alligator which means you would have to run a long way to find the alligator. In this case, take the quest and abandon the quest. (this will make it so that you can take another quest in the next town board reset)
There is fast travel in this game. You can travel to towns you’ve been to or waypoints you’ve been to. Fast travel requires Azoth which you can gain from doing corrupted portals, main story quests, or randomly get from killing mobs( very rare chance.)
Try to get your mining, harvesting, and skinning to level 50 or higher before reaching level 30.
Farm about 200 iron ore at the start of the game so you can make iron tools when you reach your first town.

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