Starbase : How to get Easy Credits

You need some Business Development to succeed in Starbase. In real life, we advise you to visit some business-related websites like digiloug. But in Starbase, you must follow US. Today, we will show you how to get 700+ credits per minutes at the start of your journey. If you are lucky enough and play fast, you can earn up to +1000 early Starbase credits per minutes. See all Starbase articles.

How to Earn Easy Starbase Credits

In the first tutorial, you will earn the first 10 asteroids in Starbase. In fact, See below the panel in this picture in order spawn more and more as asteroids in a permanent way. You won’t stop at banging them Bro. Continue on your way to crack asteroids one after one until you get +100,000 early Starbase credits per week.

Starbase early coins

However, If you crack the asteroids quickly you can make +700 early Starbase credits every minutes as a reward. Besides, If you want to make a 1000+ per minutes, you must be faster Dude.

You can destroy ships during the tutorial phase. But you will get only 300 early Starbase credits per minutes.

Bonus Tips:

  • All ores earned in the mining bay influence the Market and increase prices
  • The more ores you mine, the cheaper they will in the market.
  • Whenever you want, you can return to the mining area and bang more asteroids
  • As 06/09/2021 the game allows you to return to the demolition are and get additional power packs for free.
  • Mining and demolition are not the same. In fact, they are separate. Thus, you can earn 200K a week between them


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