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This is our foremost article related to Starbase game. As a debut, we would like to start with a smooth topic. In fact, it consists of a topic that every players love which is : Mining. Indeed, today we will talk about Starbase Mining ships. More specifically, we will provide you of the best tips to build a ship; which is a quite easy task when talking about Starbase Mining ships.


Mining is one of the best ways to make credits early game in Starbase.When it comes to earning credits at the beginning of the game, there nothing better than mining ships in Starbase.

There are two types of players in the world : The first type who devote their time for building and crafting and then we have the ones who procrastinate and prefer the easy tasks. This article is for the second type. In fact, These people want to get a better ship than the regular one Laborer Module. They will buy a premade ship to meet their mining needs

We recommend you purchase ships from advanced players, Because ships from new players can hardly run.

For beginners, we will provide with a fully detailed list of the best mining/cargo ships to enhance Your Starbase mining ships experience.

Starbase Mining ships Shop place

To buy an early Starbase mining ship, You only have to go towards the Sunny Ship Shop near the Easy Build Hall. Thus, here is the full list of best Starbase Mining ships.

Laborer II

 Price Cost : 82,172
Ore Crates Needed : 18

As the name suggests it is an upgraded version of the Laborer I. But, this special Starbase mining ship has an advanced speed, power YOLOL code, and cargo capacity.

LaborerII is true that this ship is upgraded; but you can use it for a short period as you can get a much better ship.


Price Cost : 58,490
Ore Crates Needed : 16

The first Starbase Mining Ship we recommend. In fact, it is extremely cheap, and it won’t cause troubles to fly. Moreover, it is super rapid. In other words, it is an excellent choice as a 1st mining ship.
Do not worry, you can change the ship’s outlook whenever you want. You can add more crates, generators, units, thrusters…

Hauler Starbase Mining Ship


Cost Price : 181,160
Ore Crates Needed : 50

Good looking, fast and well-equipped ship. Trident has a huge cargo capacity and can lead you to marvellous adventures.
The only disadvantage is its upgrade measures. In fact, it needs a built-in hardpoints for mining lasers and ore collectors.

Worker Ant

Price Cost : 98,247
Ore Crates Needed : 32

It is a good resort for beginners because it combines between the most easily obtainable starter ship as well as the strongest well-equipped ship among the Starbase mining ships on this list below.
Besides, it can be considered as a super-sonic ship. You can invest in this ship as it could bring you a significant amount of money. We advise you to keep Worker Ant until you can buy a ship with a better capacity and function items.

Worker Aunt


Price Cost : 182,396

Ore Crates : 48

A real beast , a real monster. We cannot add more really. Marmot is the best of the best. Fast and agile thanks to its significant cargo size.

this excellent Starbase Mining ship can make accessible hardpoints to save upgrades before you move to the next level of ships like you try to own the Marmot-MN the upgraded version of Marmot-St

This our list. Overall these Starbase mining ships are cheap and easy to upgrade. Which ship has impressed you?
That’s all for our first Starbase article. See you in next Starbase games.


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