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Starbase : Universe Segments


We noticed that you enjoyed our last Starbase article. That’s why we decided to focus on Starbase universe segments. Starbase Scale: The existing charted star system consists of fov ur main parts. The first aspect is Eos which is a…

Starbase : How to get Easy Credits


You need some Business Development to succeed in Starbase. In real life, we advise you to visit some business-related websites like digiloug. But in Starbase, you must follow US. Today, we will show you how to get 700+ credits per…

Starbase: Ships Mining

Starbsae Mining ship

This is our foremost article related to Starbase game. As a debut, we would like to start with a smooth topic. In fact, it consists of a topic that every players love which is : Mining. Indeed, today we will…