Terraria : How to get Zenith

Hello Terrarians, again, we always advise you to stay safe and healthy whether by doing sports activities or obtaining healthy tips from websites like Health Is Wealth. But today, it is not the case. Today we will learn how to get zenith in Terraria. Before diving deeper in this guide, we recommend you to visit our

How To Get Zenith Easily :

  1. Beat The queen Bee till the Beekeeper 1/18
  2. Straight down to hell and obtain 20 obsidian and 60 Hellstone
  3. Craft Hellstone Bars thanks to the materials you have acquire previously in a hell forge.
  4. Craft the amazing Firey Great sword
  5. Enter hardmode
  6. Enter the jungle and gain spores as well as stingers
  7. With an anvil, craft the blade of grass 3/18
  8. Be clever in this step. First, You have to choose between whether to find a suspicious looking eye or to earn life crystals and armour. Then wait till you feel an evil item watching you.
  9. Be careful The Eye Cthulhu can be respawn at night
  10. Beat The Eye Cthulhu in order to receive demonite/crimtane ore
  11. Repeat step 10 three times till you have 30 evil ore
  12.  dig the ore into 10 bars then make the blood butcher/light’s bane 
  13.   Move to the Dungeon and kill anything that come by you in order to get a golden key
  14.    Keep on opening golden chests until you receive a Muramasa
  15.    Go straight an evil altar and craft the Night’s edge 

zenith easy

Some Hard Steps to Get Terraria Zenith

  1. Defeat the famous 3 Mech Bosses
  2. Merge between the night’s edge with the souls at a mithrils or the orichalcum anvil and create the true nights edge 7/18
  3. With you hallowed bard, Make an Excalibur on a mithril or Orichalcum anvil 8/18
  4. create a pickaxe axe with hallowed bars and mine 120 chlorophyte ore
  5. Transform the chlorophyte ore into bars within a titanium/adamantite forge
  6.  Beat Plantera to get Seedler
  7. You have to wait for a solar eclipse and then defeat Mothron till you get a broken hero sword.
  8. To create a Terra Blade you need a mithril or orichalcum; Broken Hero Sword and True Excalibur and finally true nights Edge anvil
  9. Never stop fishing till you get golden or platinum crates.
  10. Now you only have 2% chance of getting either an enchanted sword or find a shrine with an enchanted sword inside
  11. Fly towards a sky island and obtain star fury
  12. Damage the pumpkin moon and beat pumpkins’ ass till you earn horseman’s blade
  13. Beat golem
  14. Begin your Martian invasion and beat Sorcerers till you acquire the influx waver

The Final Hardest Steps:

  1. Beat Moonlord and receive meowmere
  2. Wait for Moonlord to spawn and defeat him till you get Star Wrath.
  3. It is fundamental for you to not waste your copper short sword.
  4. In order to get Terraria Zenith you must craft EVERY swords of the following list : bee keeper, star fury, copper shortsword, seedler, enchanted sword, terra blade, horseman’s blade, star wrath, meowmere and influx waver in a orichalcum or mythril anvil
  5. NOW THIS IS THE LAST STEP : USE THE ULTIMATE POWER and congrats here you have your Terraria Zenith 

zenith terraria

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