Terraria: To do list Part II


In the first part we have shared with you some tips to get you started and geared up. The second part will go even further with the 101 guide to the ultimate game progression. As we claim always, We are here to serve you!

The updated To do list:

  • After the first boss fight, and your first base built, you need to explore the Corruption area (purple in color) and the Crimson area (red in color). Then, destroy 2 shadow orbs or Crimson hearts so you can acquire items and trigger meteors. In order to mine through these, you will need to acquire the purification powder from the Dryad. You will have to make a choice between taking out the boss first or tail the Meteor. Our advice would be taking out the boss for a few reasons ; it makes farming the Meteorite smoother by dint of the attacking Meteor Heads along with the enhanced craftable armor.
  • Whenever you destroy 2 hearts or orbs, one of the bosses will spawn ; either Brain of Cthulhu (Crimson), or Eater of Worlds (Corruption). For the next step, plan it near an area fitted for a boss fight with space to move comfortably. When you kill them make sure to loot everything they possess and build the baddest armor available in normal mode. Furthermore, you might want to aim for Hellstone materials since they are better.
  • The Demon and Crimson Altars are used for crafting; you can make the Night’s Edge and a Terra Blade. In hard mode, you can break them to endow your world with ores.

Bonus List : (As Always)

  • Beware of the Goblin army as they’re expected to invade your base and everything you possess. That’s when the Tinkerer’s Workshop comes in handy ; unlock reforging to set up your gear and use the shop to blend other accessories with the armor. Roam the broad Cavern layer and search for better and more enhanced armor as well as the Goblin Tinkerer.
  • This one is optional, Meteors will fall after demolishing orbs and hearts at one point in time. You will be notified accordingly and then you need to search for it on the surface. While you explore, always make sure to pick up Meteorite and Goblin Tinkerer in your town. One gadget that will be very fruitful for you is the Meteor Hamaxe. It will allow you to shoot a space gun with no mana penalty. Additionally, you can forge a phase blade with Meteor Bars and Gems.
  • When you reach the jungle,  and although optional, try to defeat the queen Bee. Begin by summoning her by breaking the larva within the beehive. She will drop some valuables you can make good use of. Upon defeating her, the Witch doctor will be able to move in. This will allow you to create Flasks. If you are interested in the bee-themed weapons, you can proceed by looting her. There exist numerous bee hives in the jungle, so it is worthy to map them out. This will facilitate the process of searching for Chlorophyte ore deposits later on in the minimap.

Have we missed anything? Leave a comment down below and let us know. Stay Tuned!

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