Terraria : To Do List

The purpose of this guide is to walk you through progression in Terraria. We will discuss in detail a myriad of obstacles that you have to tackle and overcome to level up. Along with this, We will provide you with a thorough scope of each boss, their weaknesses, and how you can defeat them. Each section will contain strategies, tips and tactics that will serve you wonders.

Here are the major markers of progress in Terraria and what it requires from you to assemble your character for them.

This humble walkthrough is merely a beginner’s guide ; It includes two pages with useful tips to get you started. If you are starting fresh, then this guide is for you. We will always link you to other guides that will prove beneficial to your gameplay.

To-Do in Normal Mode, Before Wall of Flesh :

  • First thing first, enjoy the game! Try not to get too serious and generally just go on expeditions and roam the world around you, discover new things and embrace the fun. For the OCD peeps, build various chests and organize them the way you want. Build a village, share it with other people, and get to know as many NPCs as you can because they’re the key that will open up the way for you. Most of all, do not rush it, take your sweet time to create a decent home and make it your base.
  • To defeat Eye of Cthulhu, it is up to you to either summon it or wait until it attacks you.

  • It is advised not to give you the life crystal at 180, unless you are fully prepared to face your first boss. Do not waste your accessories and rather save them to combine them with the Tinkerer’s workshop.

    Bonus Tips :

  •     In the beginning, it may be a bit puzzling since you are new and do not know what the hell to do. We advise you to spend the first few hours exploring and mining. Aim for a good start? Go for wood or cactus armor. Not only that, but you want to get the full set that is approximately equivalent to the Iron. A minimum of 10 to 12 Defense as a start is not bad at all. When it comes to using ores and forging your armor and weapons, always make sure you are picking top tier materials. Aim to get 200 life using the accessories and life crystals you will be finding during your exploration.
  •       After you defeat the first boss, The Dryad will make their way towards your town to sell purification powder. You will be able to break blocks in the corruption/Crimson by transforming them to their original state. This will move you to the next step. If you don’t want to waste money on powder, you can utilize the Bombs instead to dismantle the tiles. A quick tip is to make them sticky by fusing them with gel.

We will create a daily series for Terraria where we will provide you with the best tips and clearest instructions. If you like what we create, please share with your friends. Thank you!

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