Terraria : World Creation

Hello Terrarian folks,

Our coverage to Terraria continues. Things are getting more serious dudes. We showed you how to Create a character. Today, We will move to another important starting phase which is World creation.

First step

Simple move dude! Just click on NEW button to establish your first Baby : Your first Terraria World. You are not restricted to play in the single world, you can play online mode. But we advise you to finish the game in the single mode first in order to learn the secret of Terraria smoothly.

Name and Seed

These are optional features, and they won’t impact your single gameplay.

  • Type your Name which will be shown later to online players.
  • You have no control over the number of seeds in your world, it is rather a randomly-generated number. Not important information Ah? But we have to include it my friend. In fact, seeds can be copied and pasted to duplicate a similar world.

World Size

Three features are available:

  • Small worlds are the best option for beginners. In fact, roads are short and brief which make them easy to travel between biomes and penetrate into caves.  No doubt, this suits beginners as it will downplay the risks of travelling. But, there is a price to pay my friend small worlds have scarce treasure items and farming items thus you will be nothing but bored later on and of course you will face hard time.
  • Medium worlds :It takes longer to travel than the small words. Accordingly, you have more opportunities to find treasure and extra foods.
  • Large worlds : As the name suggests they are more this world must be twice large than the small worlds. Maybe you waste your time in travelling but you will be exposed to large variety of fields, treasures alongside to hidden secrets. These worlds are the best if you want to build and craft.

Worlds varies in the size but they are relatively similar in the gameplay. Thus, your world’s size affects the length of your playthrough. Bu the choice is different from player to play taking into consideration the amount of time you had to play and to read our articles.

Selecting Difficulty

Although we recommend you play the classic mode, but you can choose one other the other three modes if you are confident enough

World Evil

In all Terraria worlds, you encounter one of two evil biomes which will diminish your chances to receive loots and items and alter the boss you fight. It would be hard for you to establish artificial biome in this mode

  • The Corruption, purple biome that gives you lower risk and reward, A significant feature for newbies.
  • The Crimson: It a red biome with flash and gore theme. The crimson’s items are more powerful and damaging however, the enemies are more dangerous and hazardous. Which makes challenging and pleasing for the experts


How to generate this world?

  1. Click on Create or accept
  2. Progress bar will be displayed
  3. Once completed press Play
  4. Start your adventure Warrior

This all for the starting points in Terraria as we covered character and world creation. See you in Day 1

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