Terreira Starter Guide Part1: Character Creation

Terrarian Folks, Are you up to the challenge?

Welcome to our introductory guide, we will start a thread for you. In fact, we will try to cover most  of the Terraria’s starting features such as: character creation, world creations, Bosses , General tips etc etc…

Since you are at the entry level, we will assume that you will choose the Single Player so that you can learn the game without pressure and be ready later to the online mode and conquer the world

Let the adventure begins.


Once the single mode is selected, the next step consists of : Creating your own character who will make his way with you through Terraria World.

  1. Click the New button on the bottom right
  2. Character creation screen will be opened
  3. You can change your character’s attributes.

Name and Difficulty

Unlike many games, your Terraria character name does not have to be identical with your Steam’s or console’s username. You should choose a cute fancy name because it will be displayed for worldwide users when you log into a world, send texts in chat and whenever your die (hope not). What About : Terraria Slayer?

Then you can choose one of the four difficulty options. It is worth noting that players of Nintando 3DS can play anything but Classic mode, no difficulty is set.

The selection of character difficulty will determine what will happen when you die (Play Hard Dude). However, neither the gameplay nor the difficulty of enemies will be changed, the difference in the different modes lies in how you die and the how you will respawn

We recommend you choose the Classic mode for your first try.


You can customize your character by changing his appearance, hairstyle, skin & eye color and his clothes. It worth noting also that eye & Skin color can be altered during the game if you use certain items.

example of customization

  • The top bar deals with the base color whereas the middle bar deals with color fade and the last bar gives you the opportunity to lighten or darken the color
  • Take into consideration that your clothes will be obscured by your armor and vanity items.
  • You can change many items during the game. In fact, if you want to alter your clothes use a dresser. To change your hairstyle, you must find stylist NPC. In other part, If you want to have a transgender operation, you must drink a Gender Change Potion. Easy in Terraria World! Isn’t?

Once you are finished :

  1. Click Create to confirm character creation with the chosen settings
  2. Click Play to enter the World Selection screen

This is all you for the character creation phase. Do not hesitate to comment your feedback

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