Top 5 Mistakes You Make in Valheim

Time has come to Evolve your Valheim experience. In fact, many players are not aware of some common mistakes they make when playing Valheim. In this article, we will show you to avoid making these mistakes and improve your level. We don’t our readers to be noobs. Nah don’t be mad even advanced make these mistakes

Valheim Mistake Number 1:  Hunting Birds From the Start

Early Valheim Mistake as players refrain from killing birds. Are you vegans or what? Hunting birds has two advantages :

  • The first one is it enhances your shooting and aiming skills. In fact, Training on haunting small creatures like birds will prepare you to be an expert shooter for more dangerous monsters. You may turn to be a no scope shooter
  • The second reason is that birds drop feathers which are fundamental from the early game to late game. Actually, the arrows require you feathers to allow you to craft them. Thus, you better move your ass up and haunt as much as birds to earn their feathers.


Valheim Mistake Number 2 :  Unprotected Portals.

everything you build in the game can be attacked by monsters whether it’s your base or a port.

The rule is simple : NEVER EVER NEVER EVER Leave a portal unprotected. Indeed, everything you build is facing the threat of monsters. But, in case you have unprotected portals, they will on the TOP lists of damages.

So how to prevent this issue?

well it’s really easy just build a fence around it or some defenses so you make sure that you don’t have to spend six hours after the fact trying to remember the names of your portal when you want to rebuild them

Easy! Give them protection. In other words, you have to build a fence around it or some defences so that you don’t waste six hours trying to rebuild you portals again. Avoiding this mistake is vital for your Valheim experience.


Valheim Mistake Number 3: Destroying Mayples

A completely rare item that players aren’t aware of. In fact, it is called mayple. Good news! You can have it in your world.

The mistake lies in players skipping mayples or they just destroy it.Though it can go for good if destroyed but this is not the mayples’ ultimate benefits. Actually, the maples give an extra comfort level. Thus, if your current limit level is 8 you are likely to jump to level 9.

Last not least, it is suitable for you to build your main around it. This is what we call A Bargain dude. Furthermore, due its rarity you can flex your muscles on your friends if you possess a maples.

Ps : Once destroyed, you cannot rebuild the mayple again


Valheim Mistake Number 4 : Lack of the Rested Buff Applied

Unfortunately, many players deprive themselves from enjoying a significant asset such as Rested Buff Applied. Many players commit the mistake of abandoning the Rested Buff Applied on them.

Besides, it is easy to apply, this item is extremely important as it provides you with considerable stamina regen buff and significant health regen buff.

Indeed, A hidden feature in the game thanks to Rested Buff. Actually, you earn whopping 50 bonus whenever you take a rest.

In other part, your comfort level will increase easily if you just, establish furniture. But, readers can ask us: why if I need rest when I am on the road? The answer is so simple. All you have to do is find a cave and drop a campfire in and you will enjoy a higher comfort level. Your rested buff will also enhance for longer period. Thus, dear Valheimers get rested it’s fundamental for your adventure.


Valheim Mistake Number 5:  Forgetting to mark Things On The Map


As a valheimer, I cannot understand why players do not mark things on their maps. This method is extremely important because you will find no difficulties in finding any spot.

Easy peasy lemon Squeeze, you should mark everything everything without exception even the slightest things like mushrooms thistles etc etc.

You will end up having an organized and information map and you don’t waste your time and effort on searching process. In fact, it cost no time and effort to mark you’re your world. It is like having your own google maps besides that you will be aware of every part of your world. Thus, when you want to find something you already know how to find it.

Ps: Don’t forget to mark your portals too.

This is our Top5 mistakes for you. We hope you have a better Valheim experience after reading this article. Please leave us your comment down below

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