Unlocking the Labyrinth East Reward and Boss Fight in Forspoken

In this article, we’ll discuss the enemies and rewards you can encounter while playing the game “Locked Labyrinth”.


In the first room, you’ll face a large number of Bi-pedal Enemies with low health pools. They will fire ranged attacks and occasionally melee attack if you are within range.

To stay safe, keep moving. The next room features a few “break-beasts” in the form of something resembling a bear and two jungle cats. It’s best to take out the quicker felines first and then focus on the larger, slower “bear”. Again, use your magic parkour to stay mobile and make this fight easier. The last room is home to the boss of the labyrinth which looks like a squid?
I had my scattershot upgraded to level 2 and was able to make short work of this enemy. Be aware of its ranged attacks which launch four water crescent slashes at you, as well as its slower, easier-to-dodge attack where it calls up some “geysers” from underneath you.

The boss may seem intimidating but is actually quite easy to beat – just make sure to stay out of the water as it hinders your ability to use magic until you can parkour out of it. Additionally, be aware that if within range, the boss may hit you with a melee attack – so keep that in mind while fighting it for an easy victory!


In each room you’ll encounter enemies, so don’t worry if you take a bit of damage in each fight as you won’t be punished for this early in the game.

You’ll also find a couple healing droughts and mana pools, as well as some firewood to make camp with (which is hard to come by, so be sure to pick it up). After the bear and jungle cats fight, you’ll find a somewhat lackluster piece of lore and a necklace called Orison. This necklace has an auto-heal effect that triggers after defeating an enemy;

I haven’t tested the heal amount yet but it sounds like it will be very useful early game, so I wanted to share my findings with the community.

The whole reason you want the item in this guide

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you can use any gear item (except nails) to craft or upgrade an existing necklace or cloak and give it the perk from the item you just obtained.

For example, if you obtain the Orison necklace with the perk “triggers auto-heal effect when an enemy is defeated,” you can add this perk to either your necklace or cloak at an upgrade bench. You don’t have to put the perk back on another necklace, which is great. Additionally, if you upgrade a piece of equipment enough, it will gain additional perk slots – though I’m not sure if four is the maximum number of slots yet. I’ll update this guide once I know more. Hopefully this helps!

Thanks to Zr0CooL.

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