Valheim: Essential Tips and Tricks

For all the Valheim enthusiasts, this guide will show case everything you need to know  from scavenging resources and supplies, building houses, acquiring fishing rods, unlocking cheat codes, or creating new spawn points. Follow these instructions to guarantee a well ventured adventure in the wild fields. Let’s see the best of Valheim tips to enhance your experience.
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Getting ready :

A quick advice especially if you are a newbie, while chopping big trees, be alert and try not to get smashed by it. Yes, you can die from falling trees. The beauty of Valheim mixing mythology with reality.

Did you know that you can split your item stacks ? All you have to so is to shift, click an item to pop the menu in order for you to split your item stacks.

For swimming champions out there, you might want to avoid crossing large bodies of water as it will consume all of your stamina. As your stamina runs out, you’ll take damage and hence get wasted.

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For the artists who are fond of Valheim’s landscape beauty, remove HUD for ultimate aesthetic looks.

During your walkthroughs, an essential item you’ll be needing is Flint. The perfect places to find this item is near the edges of the bodies of water. You’ll recognize its whitish color and rectangular shape as soon as you see it.

For ultimate defensive mechanisms, always craft and upgrade your shield. Wearing armor alone won’t guarantee damage resistance for longer periods.

As far as fighting and combat is concerned, you have to learn parrying your enemies the right way at the right time.

Retreating is not for cowards, there are certain situation where a step back could save you a whole a lot of troubles.

If ever you run out of space, it is always a good idea to build a cart to aid you with storing your items and resources. This will increase your storage space by 18 slots. If you want to craft a Cart, consider collecting x20 wood and x10 nails and start building it from the misc Tab. Additionally, the cart doesn’t have a limited weight; this is the perfect method to venture lands without having to worry about not being able to carry.

In the Beginning, start Gathering Supplies First :

Quick Valheim tips: We understand that it is exhausting to spend hours roaming the fields fighting ff enemies just to collect resources. However, you shouldn’t worry much about it as wood and stone are fairly available and easy to find.

A true Viking is always ready to build himself up from scratch, so what does prevent you from doing so ? Go to trees and start punching them to obtain wood. Then go looking for small colored rocks in the soil you should find plenty .

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Use the Map Markers:

Valheim has a huge map to be explored and discovered,  but it can be a bit daunting to remember every dungeon you went to. It is fairly simple; go to the map and click on the 5 icons located in the right corner of the map. Select an area and double click it and it will create a marker. Go ahead and give it a name so it will be easy to memorize.

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What do you think f this article of Best valheim tips?We will keep updating our guides to provide you with more useful tips and tricks to get you going. Leave a comment  share your feedback with us so we can always improve.

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