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Developed by Coffee Stain and released on Feb, 2021 on Microsoft Windows, Valheim is now one of the most growing online games in 2021. Indeed, its popularity is increasing. After being released on Microsoft Windows, it has been ported to Linux. The game is played in a single mode or online multiplayer.

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Why you should Play Valheim

• The game adopts many gaming genres, which makes more exciting to play. In fact, Valheim has the survival notion , construction and crafting spirit , Single mode combats and finally a camera vision that match game like Rust and The forest. Therefore, we can consider Valheim is the hottest game ever.

• Unlike many games, your character can progress through completing many tasks in hunting, fishing, fighting, farming, mining, logging, or construction.

• You won’t make too much effort in building as it is smooth and rapid. Indeed, A great opportunity for beginners to make nice-looking forts whenever they want.

• While other survival games have also breath-taking discoveries, entertaining trips, attractive sights, Valheim’s world is something unprecedented. With superb lighting, Rainstorms, Blizzard whiteouts, Valheim is really a mind-blowing game.

• Detecting some optional discoveries and tips directs you the typical Biome > Boss > Biome scheme that render Valheim’s journey impossible to find anywhere else.

• Finally, it is cheap as you can get with 20$ in the steam store.

Valheim in numbers :

• The game had sold over 6 million copies in less than half-year. Astonishing
• The game has received great reviews such as 9/10 on IGN (US) 15/20 on (FR), 8/10 on The Digital Fix

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