Valheim : How to domesticate Many animals Part 2

We are back! We continue the second part of taming animals in Valheim. Our team will provide you with another excellent overview on how to tame wolves and loax. Let’s go in How to tame Many Animals in Valheim !

Valheim Wolf taming:

Taming a wolf in Valheim is a much harder task to do. The predecessors of man’s loyal friend aren’t feeling quite friendly. Nonetheless once you earn their loyalty, they develop into handy companions, following you devotedly across the kingdom of Valheim and defending you against foes.

It is in their nature to strike fiercely with their fangs and bite the inner of their enemies’ flesh until they begin to grasp for their last breath. This is especially helpful if you ever consider a loyal and powerful friend by your side to look out for your back and to give you a shield.

Now the question is, how do you possibly tame such horrendous and vile creatures ? This is not to bring you down, but you are in for a hefty experience.

Wolfs are located in the mountains, so before you venture in there make sure you have frost resistance, in order to tame a wolf you will first need to prepare a pen, you will need at least stake walls to keep them enclosed in that pen, you will need to bait a wolf into hunting you and by that you lead him straight to the pen.

Once you have successfully trapped the wolf, make sure you leave raw meat in the pen. After that, back off out of sight until they cool off. As soon as you manage to tame your wolf you will begin to be curious on how you can take your new pet back home, as they can’t travel through portals, first build a dock over your ship and push your wolf into it.

Anyhow, be cautious since as you dock they will attack any aggressive mobs.

Breeding Tamed Wolves:

Making Tamed wolves reproduce is an easier task. Place raw meat in front of two domesticated wolves, ensuring they have plenty of space. After a while a little wolf would come.

Valheim Lox Taming:

Loxes are fierce animals, they live in herds in the plains biome, not to mention that they will make a quick meal out of you if you don’t show up ready. You have almost a zero percent chance of capturing one of these hostile animals in a pen. However, the strategy is to sneak towards it and drop cloudberries nearby. Then, make sure you run away before you get eaten.

In preference you can construct a pen out of stones and drag the Lox towards it with harpoons. Once you have repeated the process of feeding multiple times and the lox is finally tamed, you can then create a pen and guide it inside. I’m sure you will be glad to know that as soon as you familiarize your new friend and pet him, any other Lox around you will leave you unharmed.

Breeding Valheim Lox: Sadly, so far there is not a way to breed the Valheim Lox, but we will make sure we update this process once it finally gets implemented in the game.

That’s All

This guide covers everything you need to know about taming in valheim. We hope you enjoyed a good read and learned how to tame Many Animals in Valheim . Moreover, we are confident that you will apply our tips in your world and enhance your playing experience. Please leave your feedback in the comment section. See you in the upcoming article. We won’t give up enhancing your Valheim experience.

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