Valheim starter guide part 3

Last time on our Valheim starter guide we covered the basics of the game where we provided you some instructions on how to proceed with your walkthrough and listed some tips and tricks for the overall gameplay. Lastly, we covered the 5 bosses and displayed a few tactics on how to win your first boss battle. Today, we will continue with the rest of the 4 bosses and give some instructions about their locations, information, and methods to kill them.

Valheim : Elder and friends

Your second boss will be “The Elder ”, and as terrifyingly hard it may sound to get through this one, we backed you up with some practical tips that will alleviate the difficulties you may encounter. First of all, how do you summon “The Elder ”? Start by visiting the Burial Chambers in the Black Forest, then locate a rune so you can get his altar.

For this sacrifice, you will need to burn three ancient seeds to be able to bring him. Living deep in Black Forest, The Elder is a rangy dark green tree giant that strikes with some heavy vine onslaughts. Similar to Eikthyr, The Elder has an AoE, stomp attack. Other attack tactics he might approach you with is unleashing vines from the ground to strike you with. Use your skilled pickaxe to craft better upgrades for your armor and weapons with the Valheim bronze. Just like any other boss, The Elder has a weakness to fire arrows; flaming arrows are unlocked very early in the game allowing you to make effective use of them against him. Use the pillars as a cover against the Elders attacks.

Valheim The Elder

After defeating The Elder, you will be rewarded with a key to the swamps, Elder trophy, and a boost for your wood chopping speed as a special power.
The third boss is Bonemass, you can summon him through the swamp crypts by using the key you got from The Elder. The swamp will have a rune that will point you to Bonemass’s altar.
This gigantic creature is a murky green OOZE monster you will find skulking in the nasty swamps. Its major combo attack consists of unleashing poisonous fluids into the air, lashing out with its hands, and summoning minions to fight by its side. This one might get a little tricky to defeat and requires a bit of digging to outsmart him. As aforementioned, Bonemass has his distractions so the core tactic here is to rely on your defence mechanism.

For your defence, come armed with the teeth along with some poison resistance mead, Iron armor, and do not forget your blunt weapons to swing them in the air. The battle will be a bit long since our main method is the evading technique, then use melee weapons to take down your nemesis.

After defeating Bonemass, you will be granted Wishbone, Bonemass trophy, and a new special power (damage resistance).

That is all , for this part of today’s guide, we shall include more boss fight tips and tricks and other stuff that will prove valuable in your walkthrough.

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