Valheim Starter guide part II

General Walkthrough

In the beginning stages of the gameplay, you will encounter Odin’s raven “Huginn” where he greets you in the vast Viking purgatory surrounded by circular runes and sacrificial stones.

Huginn will temporarily give you tutorial instruction when you interact with him. He will provide you with useful information concerning the five bosses you have to defeat in order to progress further in the game and ascend to Valhalla.

As a first step in your walkthrough, boss fight will not be a big deal since your focus needs to be oriented towards your craft! Explore the land and build your base by gathering resources and acquiring the basic combat tactics. Since we are covering the whole starter guide for Valheim gameplay, there will be a section exclusively dedicated to all the tips and tricks for building hacks and mastering your craft.

As you begin to explore the vast grassland and meadow biome, there won’t be many threats and very few easy enemies to overcome. Unlike other RPG games, when you enter a danger zone the soundtrack is more likely to change. However, in Valheim, Huginn will chime to alert you about an upcoming threat or a possible dangerous area. It is advised to avoid any high-level enemies especially in the beginning like trolls which can be easily evaded and saves you a lot of trouble. Invest much time in levelling your skills to better wield your weapons and do extra damage to your foes.

When you become confident and strong enough for your first boss fight, start locating their location on the map, and we will help you with this of course.
Boss locations are spread across the map, some of them need to be tracked down using the runes. In order to summon a boss, you need to place an offering on one of the altars. After killing a boss, you can acquire special powers if you place its trophy on the sacrificial stone. This will also grant you some loot and open up new resources for you to roam further and venture new locations and open land.

Down below we will provide you with the first five bosses you need to locate and fight off.

I) Eikthyr : a large, red-eyed stag with gigantic horns containing metal chains. Eikthyr has electrified antlers and will attack you using these electrifiers from a distance.
Other combo attacks he will use are close stomps and a fast and vigorous ram attack. Before you attempt to fight him off, make sure you got your full night sleep as well as a full food bar. You might as well carry your wooden shield with you and a bow. You can easily craft these two easily with enough leather scraps from dead boars.

valheim eikthyr

This is the very first boss you can summon by placing two deer trophies on the sacrificial altar. It will grant you Hard antlers, Eikthyr Trophy, and stamina buss as a special power.

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