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Valheim is a brand-new open world role playing game based on Viking style survival. You have the choice between playing either solo or team up with up to 10 friends in PvE or toggle PvP with your group of friends to raid each other.

Valheim GamePlay

The game offers a unique touch in its gameplay as it is inspired by Viking mythology and players will also encounter many boss fights. Of course, we cannot call it a Viking style game if there is no ship building, therefore the game lets you build your sea forces so you can sail the vast ocean and discover lots and lots of locations.

A word of caution though, keeps an eye on sea monsters as you will get attacked brutally. You can also construct houses, castles, and of course you can enhance your crafting skills for better upgrades.
The environment is also built very arbitrarily, has a diverse ecosystem from marshlands, rain forests, caves, crisp, woods, and Snow Mountains.

valheim snow and mountain
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You start off the game with creating your new character; here you have a free customizable creation setting. You choose their sex, race, and pimp up their physical features. A typical RPG game is just like the Elder Scrolls where you get to upgrade your gear, skill sets and give yourself a name. After you finish building your Viking persona, the next step will be to select a world. You can either name your own or start fresh or you can create a server where you and your friends can join together and play PvP.

In days of yore, the mighty Germanic God Odin merged the worlds together, he tossed his nemesis and send them forth in the tenth world and “split their bows that held the prisons tree and left it to drift uncharted, a place to exile” (Valheim).

Valheim Walkthrough

As you begin your first walkthrough, the world is randomly generated; a huge raven is taking you to Valheim then proceeding to drop you off. That is where you start your journey and explore the massive and wide-open map. From a first glance, the game looks stunning, almost has a Dark Soul resemblance. Taking a look at the map, the developers have invested huge effort to provide manifold landscapes; Antarctic biomes in the northern region, Lava area in the Southern side of the map, and other marshland in between as well as new added areas to explore further.

That being said, the map is massive, it will take you hours and hours to be able to unlock all of the areas and reach the edge of it.

Valheim is a survival game that is generated through procedures and is highly influenced from Viking Culture. Embark on Viking battles, conquests, lifestyle, and mythology. Gain Odin’s favour and patronage to endure the harsh environment of Valheim. Build your ships, houses, inhabit mystical locations, summon, and take our foes and engage in boss fights.

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Can you survive as a Viking hero? Play solo or join with up to 10 friends and raid together.

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