Valheim: Surviving your first day and night Cycle

So, you just downloaded the game and you are excited to play and enter the world of valheim, but you have no idea how to start properly or you probably just died and you are looking  for tips on how to survive. Well, I have the right guide for you. Let’s go!

Part I: Basic controls :

Valheim has the standard basic controls that almost every other game has. These controls are necessary for a straight path to success.

To walk, use W to move forward, A to move left,D to move right and S to move backwards.

 To spring use W + Left shift, A + Left shift and also D + Left shift. However be aware since spriting consumes your stamina (a yellow bar that appears when you do actions like Sprinting, jumping and attacking).

To jump, use Space Bar. This control also consumes stamina.

Simple Game!

Part II: Effects:

In the world of Valheim there are few effects that can be very dangerous and mortal. For example Cold is an effect that comes at night time and it slows your stamina regeneration. said effect can only be stopped by a “Fire” buff. This fire buff can be acquired by going near  a campfire (  More will be explained about campfires later in the guide). At this moment, you may be wondering how the cold effect can be deadly. Well, as established above Cold can lower your stamina regeneration and you will need your stamina to defend yourself from the Packs of necks (those evil lizards), hence why Cold is Deadly.

Part III: Useful items:

In this part of the guide, we will be discussing a few items and resources that are the main key to ride out your first day and night cycle in the Kingdom of Valheim. We will save you dude!

First, to access your inventory and view the items you can click the Tab key.

Gaining wood is a simple task, all you must do is go near a tree and punch it. Moreover, in order to acquire stones you will just have to look on the ground and collect them. Moreover if somehow you manage to kill a greyling; make sure you hold on to their loot since they will be crucial for your survival.

Part IV: Crafting and exploring:

When you successfully manage to obtain wood and stones, it is time to craft a stone axe and a hammer. Stones axes can be used as weapons too.  However, we have to warn you they are not that powerful but they manage to get the job done. Clubs are easier to make however they are frail in combat. A stone axe can clearly be convenient to chop down trees easily which is a more efficient way to chop wood.

Exploring in Valheim is dangerous so before you set out to venture make sure you a

re ready and well equipped to fight off monsters. You are able to access the map by pressing M. Not a hard task for Valheimers!

Part V: Snacks and fine dining:

To regenerate your HP in Valheim you must eat food. The food options in the game vary and so do their effects. you can find raspberries and mushrooms in your adventure while looking for resources. you can get meat by killing boars or a neck and get yourself a neck tail or raw meat. to cook the meat, get one piece of wood and right click it holding the hammer, you will find a cooking station on the menu that appears. All you must do is place the meat on the campfire and wait. Make sure you enjoy your meal over the beautiful scenery in Valheim.

Part VI: Houses and shelter:

You can make things with a hammer by using the options when you right click, you can use the feature to make a house. When constructing a shelter, make sure you make a bed to sleep in, windows, a door, a workbench and a campfire to resist the cold nights. Furthermore, you can assemble chests to store the loot you get on your adventure. having Windows in your house is vital considering they will let the smoke from the fire  out  because if you dont you will get smoked and that will result in health loss.

That’s all for this article. We hope you enjoyed a good read. Please leave your feedback in the comments section. See you in the upcoming articles. Goodbye!



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