Valheim: How To domesticate Animals

Do you want to know how to tame animals in Valheim? The Norse Hinterland of Valheim can be a barbarous and merciless place. However whatever you are playing either the Viking game by yourself or on a multiplayer server, you don’t have to go through it alone.

With the appropriate care and consideration, a Variety of wild animals in Valheim can potentially become loyal companions, or a source of meat. But for your information, when you pet a tamed boar in Valheim you will get this message “Boar loves you”. However you should not forget that you are hungry, and this is a survival game. Be careful and take everything into consideration dude.

Regardless of your intentions with these wildlife creatures, it is important to note that the more stars an animal has, the more powerful they are. Therefore the more resources they drop when killed. There is a huge difference between each star. For example one-star Valheim Wolves are more robust and dominant than their regular counterparts.

Furthermore, when breeding Valheim beasts, you should aim to put the highest-level creatures together. This will cause the newborn to inherit their star rating from one of their parents. Continue reading the article for more in-depth information on the subject.

Valheim boar taming:

Domesticating a boar is relatively direct, all you need is to have food and the materials necessary to make a pen. Once you have finished constructing a pen for the haggy hombres – round pole fences or a pit will do wonders- and making sure it is safe and far away from any source of fire, all you need to do is lure the lucky boar to the pen with food, or simply bait them into chasing you and trap them.

However, taming them may require considerable patience, the correct mindset, and the willingness to endure the wait. That aside; It is also required from players to drop nutrition on the ground and back away immediately until they relax  and feel comfortable enough to approach the food on the ground and eat it. The hog will continuously become tamed each moment they eat. It may not look as easy as it sounds, and players may get frustrated or easily impatient with the process. Remind yourself that you may fail the first time and that it’s okay to try again.

Once the process is finished, you are able to give your pigs a few pats on the head. All the work has now become fruitful and you are now officially a true Viking that knows his or her way with the boars.

Breeding Tamed Boars:

Breeding boars is such an uncomplicated task of dropping food on the ground in front of two hungry boars. Once they eat, they become happy, and they have a chance to mate. Pink hearts will appear on top of the boars if they breed successfully, after a short while a little piggie will appear. Boar are the easiest type of animals to tame in Valheim.

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