Valheim What to Expect: Mountains.

Hello Valheimers! Long time no see? Valheim’s guides are back. So you went through Valheim’s most treacherous areas. Indeed, You traveled from the peaceful Meadows, to the murky lands of the Black Forest, and then diving your way towards the Swampy ocean. You think that you are fully prepared for anything that may encounter you right? Are you sure?

Let’s stop you right there buddy! As these rocky mountains are filled with everything deadly, dangerous and perilous from enemies to weather. The bottom line is that players will put their survival skills, their blade swings, and thinking minds to practice. Thus they will use everything that they have gained thus far to annihilate the snow capped mountains and acquire the head of the dreaded Moder.


How to find the Mountains:

As aforementioned, Valheim’s world is limitless and procedurally generated. thus each player’s map is different. You may locate the mountains randomly near the land you first spawned in or a couple of islands away. On the horizon, escalate the big rocky mountains and you might encounter the frigid mountain base.

Wolf Armor

How to prepare for the mountain:

So now you’ve reached the Mountains, it is wise to begin establishing a base. Preparations need to be taken beforehand, otherwise elements will fool of you!

It is worth noting that venturing within the snow capped mountains will trigger the Freezing effect. Hence, they will receive a low and slow stream of damage. Therefore, you need always to have a frost Resistance potion or Mead with you in order to protect yourself from this. Then, build a shelter to gain the shelter effect, stand near a campfire to counteract the frost with heat. Please, don’t forget to wear wolf armor.

Thus far, you’ll be able to unlock the iron armor that will help you considerably to resist your foes’ blows. Moreover, Along with the Frost Resistance Mead, wolf armor and campfire, you should be all settled.

Wolf armor is the epitome for protection against the frosty cold mountains. However, it requires a good amount of resources to craft them. Crafting the chest piece along with the cape will be sufficient to ward off the cold.

Apart from the harsh weather, there are some fierce enemies hiding and preparing to strike on sight in the mountain; Drakes are one of them. For that reason, it is always good to be equip yourself with the appropriate weapon; usually a bow and a decent amount of arrows, fire arrows to be more specific.

 While you level up it is essential to keep your gear upgraded as well. High-level gear demands silver ore like Wolf armor.

Wolf Armor

So explore the mountain, you’ll need to look for wishbones. You will find them after you defeat Bonemass.

Mountain Enemies and Tips How to Defeat:

Wolves: these are fast and deadly creatures you need to be aware of. Once you hear a howl, expect an attack at any moment. Therefore, you need to be fully prepared to fight. Usually they come in raids, so always watch out and keep your distance from these angry wild wolves. Block is always your friend. In fact, you get to use it to dodge their attacks and prevent any damage done to you.

Drakes: The children of Mober and they fly around the vast biome, striking on sight without mercy. They are a pain but not that difficult to defeat either. Equip some good old fire arrows and aim for the eyes to bring it down quickly.

Fenrings: These are wolves cranked up to 11. Their breed is typically werewolves, spawning often at night during a full moon. Parry isn’t that effective since they quickly recover from it. Their howl is different from regular wolves, so listen carefully and be prepared to fight.


Stone Golems: This is not just a pile of rock, even if they are slow, these bastards are damn powerful. Magical beasts indeed but have one weakness; they are vulnerable to Pickaxe.

If you still need our assistance with more Mountain tips and tricks, make sure to leave a comment. Indeed, we’ll be happy to upload more. We Love You! Stay Tuned!


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