Valheim’s best weapons and how to get them ?

What’s more effective against those pestilent mobs in Valheim than a set of powerful armor and constructive weaponry? But what are the best weapons you could equip? There is a lot to discover in Valheim, from roaming in hostile biomes, to crafting your personalized Viking house. No matter where you go, Valheim is filled with enemies from small to big, weak to mighty, you must be ready to fight with the right tools.

If you choose a certain style that appeals to your personal taste, this will impact your choice of weapon. But, if you seem a bit puzzled and indecisive, and got your bum kicked, we are here to steer you in the right path. We picked top-tier weapons in Valheim that will save you a lot of time and effort to beat certain powerful bosses. Down below you will find the list of best weapons, how to craft them, and when to make use of them.

Stagbreaker :

  • Equipment needed: Your Workbench
  • Building Level: 2
  • Repair Level: 2

The Stagbreaker is a two-handed war hammer that is made of wood essentially and is considered a blunt weapon that deals AoE damage. It is the perfect tool to use early on in the game against Greylings and Skeletons to ward them off. What is special about this war hammer is that it can knockback and hit multiple enemies at once.

If this weapon appeals to your taste, you might want to save a pile of leather scraps and deer trophies. Then go to the Back Forest and dig down Pine trees to harvest a stack of Core Wood.

Now it’s crafting time and for that you’ll need :

X20 Core Wood / x5 Deer trophies / x2 Leather scraps: usually dropped by boars or found in chests.

Needle Arrows :

One of the most effective types of Arrows is Needle. What makes Valheim a true beauty is the varied availability of its resources and arrows are no exception. Arrows in Valheim come in different types and each have their unique effect.

  • Fire arrows: 22pts of fire damage
  • Frost arrows: 52pts of ice damage
  • Poison arrows: 52pts of poison damage
  • Silver arrows: 20pt of spirit damage

Each of these element arrows also cause a certain amount of pierced damage.
To ensure efficient pierce damage, it is recommended that you use needle arrows instead, which deal a bumper of 62 damage per thrown arrow.

To craft this archetype weapon, you’ll need: x4 needles (found in Plains by Deathsquitos) and x2 feathers usually looted from chests or dropped by gulls.

Draugr Fang Bow :

For this weapon you’ll need your usual forge, a crafting level of 2 along with a repair level of 2.
Valheim is the epitome of variety and diversity; there are in total 4 different types of bows and the Draugr fang is by far the best of them all! This monster bow deals way more pierce and poison damage. It is a very durable bow and you ultimately go to hell if you consider taking down enemies from afar like a master archer.

To craft this item, you’ll need to upgrade your workbench and venture in the Swamps in search of bark and guck.
Ingredients are as follows:

  • X10 Ancient bark: by chopping ancient swamp trees
  • X2 Deer Hide
  • X10 Guck: break glowing gucksake found in the swamps with your pickaxe
  • X20 Silver ingot: mine from silver ores in mountains.

There is still a longer list of good weapons you can equip and fight off those pesky mobs. We will cover more in our upcoming guides so stay tuned for more.

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