What does star level do in Clash Royale ?

For those diving into the riveting universe of Clash Royale, the term ‘Star Level’ might pop up every now and then. But what does Star Level do in Clash Royale?

It’s not some mystic game-changer, but rather a cool way to flaunt your progress and style. Let’s break it down.

A nado, mk and a rocket start levels
Cosmetic Coolness

Star Levels in Clash Royale are all about adding a dash of glam to your cards. They change the appearance of your cards to make them look more unique and flashy.

However, unlike many upgrades in gaming, these don’t change the gameplay or the stats of the cards. They’re purely for your visual pleasure.

To Unlock the Stars

To step into the starry side of Clash Royale, you’ll need something called Star Points. These are your keys to unlocking Star Levels for your cards. You start earning Star Points once you hit King Level 6. And here’s the fun part – you can use these points to upgrade the Star Levels of your cards at levels 7, 10, and 13, but only if you have a level 6 King Tower.

Cost of Stardom

Now, flashing those stars isn’t free. The first Star Level needs you to dish out 5,000 Star Points and have a card at level 7. For the second Star Level, you’ll need 10,000 Star Points and a level 10 card. And for the third and the flashiest level, you’ll need a whopping 20,000 Star Points and a level 13 card. So, save up those Star Points!

Shine On!

As you venture into the Star Levels, your cards start to shine. Literally! A card with one Star Level will glow bright gold when deployed. And as they climb up the Star Levels, they get more golden particles and additional golden attire like clothing, armor, or weapons. It’s all about that bling!

Earning the Stars

Star Points don’t just fall from the sky. You earn them by opening chests once you reach King Level 6. So, as you play and progress, you’ll gather more Star Points to glam up your cards. It’s a fun and shiny side of Clash Royale that adds a personal touch to your gaming experience.

Finally, be aware that once a star level has been applied to a card in Clash Royale, it is not be possible to remove it.

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