Where is party mode in clash royale ?

If you want to know how to find party mode to play, you should know that it went from homescreen to hamburger menu and now it is relocated to party tab.

party mode migration

From its inception, Party Mode in Clash Royale stood out as a breath of fresh air for players seeking a break from the usual competitive gameplay.

Positioned prominently in the game interface, the “party button” beckoned players to indulge in a realm of rewarding and enjoyable gameplay.

This mode’s appeal wasn’t solely in its distinct gameplay offerings but also in the generous rewards it showered on players in the form of crowns and chests.

It was easy to find and engaging and players frequently visited Party Mode for its fun.

However, recent updates saw Supercell fundamentally altering how players access Party Mode. The once prominently displayed “party button” was relocated to the less-intuitive hamburger menu.

This relocation did more than just change its position – it signified a diminished importance of Party Mode in the broader Clash Royale experience. But the repositioning wasn’t the only change. The traditional rewards system that players had come to love – the crowns and chests – were now conspicuously absent, replaced with Season Tokens under the new “party tab”.

The community didn’t respond too warmly to these changes. Players took to forums and social media with phrases like “where did Party Mode go” and “why is there no Party Mode”, showcasing their quest for answers and palpable disappointment. For many, Party Mode was a treasured escape from the competitive grind, and its diminished prominence felt like a loss.

Despite several updates to the game, particularly the one on October 23, 2023, clarity about Party Mode, especially under the “party tab”, seems elusive.

Based on the information available, Party Mode hasn’t been definitively removed, but rather it has been relocated within the game interface and had its reward structure revamped.

It’s worth noting that while crowns and chests were removed, Season Tokens have become the new reward.

This transition hints at Supercell’s intent to lessen the mode’s importance without axing it entirely.

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