Words More Level 153 Answers

If you are looking for Words More Level 153 Answers you are definitely in the right place.
Find the answer word for each question in this puzzle below so you can make the most of your time and advance quickly through this brand new crossword game built by Joy Vendor.

Words More Answers

Answers Level 153 of Words More

Words More Answers.

    Your task will be to type the correct letters for each word corresponding to its own question in this puzzle.

  • Like spectroscopes and microscopes : OPTICAL
  • Permanent business closings : SHUTDOWNS
  • Like roads with many potholes : BUMPY
  • Stomach (Childish word) : TUMMY
  • Fully developed : RIPE
  • SeaWorld sight : TANK
  • Big name in chips : LAYS
  • Bakery fixture : OVEN
  • Mom and dad : PARENTS
  • High-five sound : SLAP
  • Inevitable end of personal life : FATE
  • The … to the West novel with the character Monkey King : JOURNEY
  • Home for a pet bird : CAGE
  • Light in color : PALE
  • Attendance sheet listings : NAMES
  • Wasp’s weapon : STING
  • Show gratitude to : THANK
  • Use your head! : THINK
  • Roller-shaped objects : CYLINDERS
  • Two-way travel : ROUNDTRIP
  • Soft Thing: Young dog : PUPPY
  • Soft Thing: Clothing fabric : COTTON
  • Soft Thing: Kind of pants : PAJAMA
  • Soft Thing: Part of bird : FEATHER
  • Soft Thing: Body covering : SKIN

If you decide to continue playing you will need no way Answers of Words More Level 154.

See you next level.

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