Words More Level 243 Answers

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Find the answer word for each question in this puzzle below so you can make the most of your time and advance quickly through this brand new crossword game built by Joy Vendor.

Words More Answers

Answers Level 243 of Words More

Words More Answers.

    Your task will be to type the correct letters for each word corresponding to its own question in this puzzle.

  • Regular invoice : BILL
  • Lacking moisture : DRY
  • Not well-known, difficult to understand : OBSCURE
  • What does Ctrl+V mean : PASTE
  • Plumbing problem the drip : LEAK
  • Wash-day need like Tide and Surf : DETERGENTS
  • Person in a cockpit : PILOT
  • High-five sound : SLAP
  • King ____, a Shakespeare tragedy : LEAR
  • Friendly and casual talk : CHAT
  • Inventor of early bulb, Thomas … : EDISON
  • Coffee or beer, informally : BREW
  • What Shrek is, essentially : OGRE
  • The final stop of the bus route : TERMINUS
  • Intentional, on purpose : DELIBERATE
  • Reservations, as in dinners or flights : BOOKINGS
  • Squirrel’s collection : CONE
  • Command to a dog for it to get by your side and stay : HEEL
  • Early Alaskan who lives in igloo : ESKIMO
  • Kind of card in poker that looks like a tree : CLUB
  • Textbook divider that is not chapter : UNIT
  • Nike motto: Just __ __ : DOIT
  • Let’s _____ to dis_____ : AGREE
  • Failure/success metaphor that may be understood as the choices you have when you are tossed into the sea : SINKORSWIM
  • Pumped product : FUEL
  • Stay away from; “Let’s try to _____ these controversial words in our game” : AVOID
  • Previously owned vehicle at a dealership : USEDCAR
  • Bench player, short for substitute : SUB
  • Natural body outer covering : SKIN
  • It’s troublesome if you don’t where you are in a foreign country : LOST
  • It’s troublesome if you don’t know which side to walk is legal in a foreign country : RULES
  • It’s troublesome if you can’t get find from the restaurant in a foreign country : ORDER
  • It’s troublesome if you don’t speak what they speak in a foreign country : LANGUAGE
  • It’s troublesome if you can’t make any friends in a foreign country : LONELINESS
  • It’s troublesome if you get robbed in a foreign country : MUG
  • It’s troublesome if you can’t get a job in a foreign country : WORK

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