Valheim : How to find resources and food ?

To be able to spawn in the wide realm of the Nords, you have to get prepared with different resources and materials. Viking warriors are known for their resistance to cold, high vigour, and overall strength. That doesn’t come in from nothing; their lifestyle, daily training, and eating habits helps them survive the dangers ahead of them. In Valheim, some major resources must be gathered, beyond wood and stone, you need Flint. The latter is a bit tricky to find, but once you know where to look for exactly, you will end up collecting a lot of it. First thing you need to do is head to the grassland, because that’s your main target location.

To get Flint in Valheim, head over to the following areas:

1) Search for Water! This one is very easy, just wander the land looking for a body of water, where it be a river lake, or a waterfall.
2) Next step is to go to the shores of the water and search for white stones scattered around.
3) Then press “E” to pick it up.

You might wonder what Flint is used for and why is it so necessary ? Well, it is a useful resource utilized for forging numerous items, Flint Knife, Axe, Flinthead arrows etc. While fighting a boss, such an item will make the process a lot easier, especially arrows.

Flint Farming:
After you are all set, build a small structure that contains a bed, campfire, and a shelter. After you finish looting Flint head up to your bed and take a rest, this will replenish the Flint spawns.
Another valuable asset in the game is Iron. Many players complain about the scarcity of this material, but once you learn how the game spawns locations, the task will be a lot simpler. We will make a guide about how to mine iron to save you time and lift all the heavy burden from you.
Other resources like Bronze are not found like the previous supplies, instead they are crafted. We shall also cover this topic in a later guide.
In order to survive you need food, so it is important not to forget about it otherwise you’ll starve to death. Keep in mind, the fuller you are , the more vigour and stamina you have to fight off your enemies. You can eat as much as three different types of edibles at a time, and each food will extend your health bar for a limited amount of time. Look for Boars, Necks, and Mushrooms; they are by far the best food resources in the game and usually found in the forests.

How To Get Valheim Armor:
Armor is an essential part of any survival game; it provides an extra layer of protection and damage resistance. During your boss fights, you need to get equipped with some good apparel . During your first boss, Eikthyr, make sure you get yourself a leather helmet, Leather Tunic. Leather pants. Crude Bow with some good number of arrows and a variety of food resources.

These stuffs can be obtained through:

1) Killing Boars to get Leather Scraps; about 8 leather scraps to craft your bow
2) Crafting your weapons using the workbench
3) Killing Deer for Deer Hide: as annoying as Deer hunting can be, you need their hide to forge some leather. Be patient because if they spot you, they will run away, and you are going to play the cat and mouse game! Get yourself some spears and throw them towards the deer; you may miss so ground yourself and aim wisely. You’ll get some Deer trophies, pick them up because they’ll be useful afterwards.
After you craft your leather armor, equip yourself with good weapons and food to boost your health and stamina, you are ready and good to go!

We reached the end of this guide for now, we will cover more Tips and walkthrough guides, so keep your feed up-to-date so you will not miss on anything we upload. That is, it for now!

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