How to Save a Static Build ” Scrap Mechanic ” into Your Lift

This guide will show you how to Save a Static Build Mechanic! to do it, you have to edit some game data.

Use it at your own risk!

I also do not recommend editing any of the files for your own gain.

N.B: This guide currently works only for flat worlds, so sorry if your build is on a terrain/custom world.

How to Save a Static Build into Your Lift (Built on Ground)

Step 1: Game Location folder:

  1. Open your Task Manager while steam is running, then right-click on “Steam Client Bootstrapper” and select “Open file location”, this will open File Explorer.
  2. Scroll down until you see a folder “steamapps”, open it. Then open the “common” folder you should see “Scrap Mechanic” folder, open that up.
  3. Once in there, open the “Data” folder. Here is where all the data of Scrap Mechanic are located, we need only the “Scripts” folder, open it up once you find it.
  4. You should see 3 folders, but we only need the “game” folder, open it up.
  5. Don’t care about the .lua files here, just open the “terrain” folder.
  6. This is the location where the game creates the terrain on the worlds, we will focus on the terrain_flat.lua file, do not MESS WITH THE OTHER ONES; open the file and your computer might say what program to use, choose notepad++, to download notepad click here

Step 2: Editing the File:

N.B:(Only follow the guide or Something will Break)

  1. Alright, now at this point, we can start to use our hacker skills. There are perplexing things here, we will focus only on a part called “getHeightAt”. (Click Ctrl+f and search getHeightAt).
  2. Once the file has been identified, you will see a message saying “return 0”, but we don’t want 0. So let’s change it to -1 (Yeah, just change 0 to -1).
  3. After this step, we need to save the changes, in notepad++ click on “file” then “save”
  4. Once you did it,


    , just return to the game and open the world you want to get your build, this can make any and all worlds that are flat drop any static builds.

Getting your build

  1. Once you load in, you will notice something strange and cool. All the static builds are hovering above the ground. but just go to the build you want to save.
  2. Place 1 random block on it and it should fall down, then just pick it up with the lift and save it.
  3. Now you have what you wanted
  4. We now need to find some high ground, build a platform that is a few blocks off the ground, and hop onto it.
  5. Pause and exit to the menu, no need to close the game.
  6. Go back to the file you opened up and change -1 back to 0.
  7. Save the file and go back to your save, the ground is back to normal!


If you need to enable mods in survival look here


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