Terraria Controls (all versions)

Once you create your character and then you enter into your Terrarian world, your character will appear at the centre of the map, like any debut in a survival game. In Terraria, this central location is marked with a Green Arrow on the Map. Now, you have two equal worlds to explore : the right world and the left world. Back to the central point, actually it is the Spawn Point and where your character appears once you die or open the game again.

Be careful! We advise you to refrain from crafting or constructing exactly on this spot for you are likely to destroy many blocks when you spawn in.

It is clear as daylight that you will possess a starter pack of tools in your inventory which comprises  a Copper Pickaxe and Copper Shortsword and Copper Axe.



  • We will divide this movement paragraph into three main parts : Desktop movements, Movements in mobile versions and finally the  Console version.

PC/Computer/ Desktop Version:

  • Terraria on desktop is a Mouse/Keyboard game. However, if you are playing with a controller, please take a look for the console paragraph down below.
  • The screen’s cursor moves through the mouse.
  • A left click (Attack) will enable the item under selection in the hotbar or the one attached to the cursor. Your character will attack using a weapon, arrange/destroy a block, take a potion, etc.
  • Right click will enable you to communicate with NPCs. In addition, it enables you to touch objects like doors and chests.
  • The set of keys W A S D are responsible for moving your character. You cannot jump with the W key, but the spacebar will make you jump or fly/swim. It depends on the situation.


Mobile Version :  

  • Since there is neither a keyboard nor a mouse for mobiles (You don’t say) you depend on joysticks. In fact, the left one is for movement whereas the right is for using your items.

Ps: you can tap in whatever place on the screen to use an item or build a block. Smart move Terraria Developers!

There are also different buttons which can help you to achieve many tasks for example: quick heal and Mounts. In addition, the light bulb in the gaming culture means help. Accordingly, the light bulb in terraria will display every function of every button. Moreover, The light bulb can be toggle on and off


Console Version

    • While the left joystick moves the character, the right one control the cursor.
    • Your character jump thanks to the bottom face
    • The bumpers change the hot bar slot.
    •  The inventory is opened through the top face button
    • The right trigger attacks/places the blockThe left trigger interacts with the world

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