Terraria Mining : Practical Tips

We continue our practical tips series. The first episode dealt with items, Today you will discover incredible tips on Minning. When it comes to Terraria mining tips, it is a useful skill that will help you considerably especially for any kind of upgrade.

Our Best Tips

  • Upgrading your items should be taken very seriously because the more you level up, the more challenging your foes become, and the weaker your weapons become. As far as the pickaxe is concerned, you should never forget to upgrade it whenever possible. Why? The better the pickaxe, the faster mining block becomes. But some tiles like ores require stronger tools.
  • If you are going for a jump into a cave or a large hole, you should use an Umbrella, Featherfall potion , an extra jump or Lucky horseshoe. If none of these are available, switch to a ropes instead to descend safely down there.
  • A golden rule is to never jump down a terrain if there is no glowing torch or any presence of a glow stick.
  • In case you did not find anything of value, you might want to throw a Spelunker Glowstick or make use of a Spelunker Potion. They will highlight valuable items; treasures, and ores that are laying around .
  • Mining Potions and Ancient Chisel are intended to speed up your mining skill directly. Unlike, the Light modifier that increase the speed of the pickaxe/drill will massively enhance the speed of the mining tools.
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  • Light items like Starfury and Firecrackers will gleam through the walls giving players a sign to locate and distinguish ores.
  • In order to change the mining style to Smart Cursor, press ‘left ctrl’ ; it is highly useful for strip mining.
  • Auto-focus the mining and dig a 2-block-wide shaft in order to descend relatively fast.*
  • Ever thought of using Mining Armor while mining? Well it is especially helpful since it will eliminate the necessity to use torches.
  • Do you need to take a quick expedition around the vast layers of the world? A hellevator is a go to as it is an effective structure.
  • Dig a vertical shaft from beneath your base all the way down to the Underworld and proceed to deposit Ropes or platforms to comfortably ascend and descend.

Bonus Terraria Minning tips in Hard Mode

  • In Hard mode, it is crucially important to keep your pickaxe/drills upgraded for progressing to the next ore tier. Ore tiers are ordered like this : cobalt / Palladium / Mythril / Orichalcum / and Adamantite / and Titanium. For the latter too { Adamantite and Titanium ores} they should not be crafted into tools as they do not unlock better ores.
  • It is not advised to search for Hardmode ores in the Underworld Corruption, Crimson, or Hallow when you first begin your walkthrough in Hardmode. Unless you are proficiently good.
  • Hardmode ores are harder to find and not n all layers:

Cobalt / Palladium ore can be found in all Underground layers

Mythril / Orichalcum ores are found usually in all cavern layers

Adamantite / Titanium ores are located in lower cavern layers (wherein Lava replaces water.)



That’s all for our Terraria Mining Tips. Please feel free to rate this article and Stay Tuned for other Terraria tips articles.


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