Terraria Items : Practical Tips


Although Terraria may look similar to Minecraft, each one has their own features and characteristics. It is understandable that player might not get the logic of the game from the get go, yet that is the beauty of all RPG games. Even though exploring a new world by yourself is much better, getting few tips and advices  won’t do any harm.

Terraria, a world where you control your surroundings with your own fingertips. It is now time to discover Terraria items Practips tips. Our best tips picks

  • When it comes to picking up or finding certain items, things might not be that easy. Especially if you are a beginner, you might end up in high level area. Say you can’t find a Magic Mirror or an Ice Mirror, you can instead craft Recall. Both have the same effect and also have a quicker use time.
  • You can collect 15 Gems to make a Gem Hook; this will ease your travel and exploration in dangerous caves  and it does not require a Hook.
  • Items in terraria can be either bought or crafted by holding the Open/Activate button. Nice isn’t?
  • It comes as no surprise that Terraria has a wide range of varied items; thus it is best to separate chests in categories.
  • You better know that chests that contain crafting materials are better kept beside the crafting station where you need them the most. You can organize the chests based on the type of material you have, for example one for t he ores and one for bars next to an Anvil and Furnace. As far as potions are concerned it is better to separate them in a different chest and place it near an alchemy table. All in all, you will have one chest for potions, one for weapons, and one for equip-able items. In addition you will have one or two chests for miscellaneous crafting items.

Bonus tips

  • For piggy banks, Safes, Defender’s Forges, and void salts, they retain their items once they’re broken. Players can place them into their inventory and get access to them at any time. This is an efficient method to triple and even quadruple the amount of equitable items in your inventory. It is important to notice that the Piggy bank necessitates a flat furniture surface to set it on, that is why you should take a work bench or any other platform too.
  • For Desktop, Console, and Mobile versions; you can get money Trough during a blood moon. Look out for a buoyant Piggy Bank that conjure without the need to place it anywhere else.
  • Furthermore, obtaining Heart Crystals allow the Metal Detector to descry potentially useful items.
  • Make use of the Piggy Bank to store your money especially, because once you die you will lose a portion of the money you collected and it will be a pain to retrieve it back.

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