Terraria Comprehensive Guide: Everything You Need to know

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Developed by Re-Logic and released on 16, 2011 on Microsoft Windows, Terraria stands now as one of the best and most popular video games in the world. However, After being released on Microsoft Windows, it has been ported to several platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Linux etc. Accordingly, the game is played in a single mode or online multiplayer on PlayStation Network, le Xbox Live Arcade et le Nintendo Network.

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• From for the first glance, one can classify Terraria as any action-adventure game with typical gameplay that revolves around exploration, building, crafting, combat, survival, and mining. However, it gives the player a greater degree of creativity to fulfil tasks, more than any game in.
• It offers a more comprehensive combat experience.
• Terraria is a combination between all video games’ generations. In one hand, the game features sprite-based graphics, evocating nostalgic third and fourth generation games, including games released on Super Nintendo, Terraria on the other hand promotes at the same time classic exploration and adventure game style similar to other games such as Minecraft or Metroid


Every player has to choose one of four modes to decide which game mode he will play. In fact, The choice is made in the character creation phase. The four modes are the following:

  1. Journey Mode: This mode is limited as you will play in your world in the same difficulty. In other words, the distinctive features of Terraria are vested in the three remaining modes. You character in the other modes cannot log in the journey mode for example.
  2. Classic Mode: Simply put, you die you lose half of your money. Easy Peasy Dude! A gravestone featuring your name and the cause of your death emerges. Then, you will respawn in the same point you died. In addition, you will only regain 100 health points plus your full inventory. This mode provides the basic Terraria experience.
  3. Medium Mode: A more advanced mode where you will encounter stronger bosses , enemies , hazards, and significant treasures. Indeed, this mode is harder than the classic one because once you die you lose all your money and inventory. You will reappear at the point of respawn recovering your basic tools
  4. Hard Mode: As the name suggests, it is the toughest world in Terraria. Indeed, where expert meet with more dangerous bosses and enemies, no place left for noobs. In this world, you don’t only win scattering loot but when you die you convert to a ghost crossing by all types of blocks, and you turn to invisible character
    We recommend you start with the classic mode in your first gameplay so that you learn the basics, mysteries of the game.
Hard Mode Preview

Terraria in numbers :

• Terraria had sold over 35 million copies by the end of 2020.
•  As for the number of users is concerned, 17.2 million users on PC, 8.5 million on consoles, and 9.3 million on mobile platforms play Terraria
• Our Game has a great It has a great reviews such as : Destructoid: 8/10. GameSpot8/10. GameZone:9/10. IGN 9/10. PC Gamer (US)79%.

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