Terraria Travel : Practical tips

Did you enjoy our last pickup line? Here is another one: If I were Duke Fishron would you blow me? We think it is a superb pickup line. Anyways, we continue our pracical tips series of Terraria. Last time we covered all combat tips, now you will discover the travel tips. Let’s go!

Getting Started

  • There exists numerous accessories and miscellaneous items that might hinder your movement speed, some of them are the following:
  • Hermes boosts are one of the various items that can decrease your travel time since they allow a speedier run. Another useful item that allows players to run at a faster speed, especially while on sand block is the Dunerider Boots.
  • Apparel is not the only means to speed up your pace, potions too also have an effect and can increase your movement speed like the Swiftness Potions. These potions will aid you to reach maximum speed more quickly if you were boots. On the flip side, this potion only lasts for a limited amount of time, so we recommend to always keep it refreshed.
  • Another set of handy gadgets that can be used to improve movement speed by 5% -10% respectively are Aglet and Anklet of the Wind. You can use the Swiftness potion to stack with each other. Moreover, you can combine these two once you get The Tinkerer’s Workshop and make them into Lightening boots.
  • Gravitation Potions can be immersive and provide you with vertical mobility if you can endure screen flips. This is especially fruitful if you look for saving some resources to explore the Space Biome. Hence this will eliminate any prerequisites for building an arena.
  • If you wish to extend your flight time, use a Feather fall potion; it will help slow players to fall down relatively slower. The effect is double when you hold the UP directional button. As a result, any damaged risk from using the Gravitation Potion is considerably lowered and even completely eliminated.
  • The Djinn’s Curse acts as an everlasting Featherfall potion when equipped in the armor slot.

Advanced Tips

  • There are different variants of the Cloud in a bottle: The Blizzard in a Bottle ; this potion will enhance your jump skill and permits you to spring higher plus a boost in speed. The Fart in a Jar; this potion is probably the fastest you can get, the sandstorm in a Bottle; this by far has the highest jump height while also owning one of the best horizontal distance. The Tsunami in a Bottle jumps slightly higher than the base Cloud. You can make use of the Tinkerer’s Workshop to merge the items with a Shiny Red Balloon to get their Balloon variant. Not only that but you can also blend all the three variants to create a Bundle of Balloons, a hefty pre-Hardmode Accessory.
  • To increase the player’s speed, use a Hook and shoot it obliquely and then release it before reaching the point. For the best result, we advise you to use this method on a flat open area. Additionally, this can allow Hermes boots to get full speed without the need to build it up beforehand.
  • To upgrade the speed of the ascent speed of wings, equip a Frog leg. Balloon’s accessories also provide a similar less dramatic bonus.
  • Pylons necessitate 2 NPs to work and can be utilized to fast travel to the most visited places.
Frog Leg

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